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Timely and timeless – chasing dreams … synchronicity in the date and the day of this reblog!

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Touchstone – definition : 1) a black stone formally used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal; 2) a test for judging something.

I came across this incredible quote this morning, it touches something deep inside. Our dreams can be so fragile but without them are we truly living? To pursue a dream gives us hope for the future but also gives our life purpose. If we do not strive for something what is the purpose of our lives?  I know this is a bit deep for a Tuesday, but its just how these quotes affected me.

Our journey through life is a series of lessons – some we would rather not learn at the time but later (sometimes much later!) we look back and realize without that experience we would not be the person we are…

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Creative Spirit



Freeing the Creative Spirit

In Every line and curve of his body there was a lithe, wild gracefulness, an exultant beauty that was strength and swiftness and freedom.  ~ Herbert  Ravenel Sass

Shortly after the completion of a busy weekend, I posted a gratitude on my Facebook timeline expressing my appreciation for those who share my passion for writing and all that goes with it. This addresses more than the usual surface “thank you” and delves deep to that place where there is a connection to words and the life we live producing them as readable works. And it dives beyond that even further… to those who share the innate need to dedicate one’s life to encouraging, inspiring, and promoting the timeless beauty of the written word.

Those of you who connect with the above thank you, do not write as a hobby, merely taking up pen just to have something to do. We write because we have to as if in answer to an urge residing deep within our soul; words are part of who we are, writing is our essence. If there were a perfume made of ink, we would give off that written scent, because it courses our veins, channeled from places we know not. Sure there is mastering techniques, studying to improve, writing to practice, and “honing the craft”… but the true ability and that “knowing within” is granted to those who eventually discover and realize its use. Upon that discovery, the love flourishes and they then continue to caress and refine their own work while encouraging others to produce, as well.

The often raised and arguable question that Shakespeare did not write his own work speaks to the doubt of those who do not believe in the given gift. He was of poor upbringing and uneducated in the way we would think for some of such literary prowess. It is preposterous to support such allegations. He was a talent that came to be through dedication and molded through passion which is a possible outcome to anyone of any lineage who finds their journey. If we truly believe we were meant to do this, it is not only for ourselves, but for the good of all.

Like the horse is built for freedom and revered for its beauty, the writer is a channel through which words flow and a creative vessel to display the end result. ~ Freeing the Creative Spirit

Herbert Ravenel Sass: A 1905 graduate of the College of Charleston, Herbert Ravenel Sass was an old school Southern gentleman – historian, novelist, short story writer, amateur ornithologist, naturalist, artist and poet. He published a number of books touching on Charleston’s history as well as on the local flora and fauna, and, for almost fifty years, published numerous articles on topics as varied as birds, the American Civil War, and race relations.

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Recognition – thank you!

lighthouseawardI want to thank my dear friend and colleague, Mandy for bestowing upon me this Lighthouse Award. I appreciate her kind words, her friendship, and the work she does to inspire other writers. Here are a few rules to follow:

  • Display the award certificate on your blog.  Check
  • Inform your nominees of their award nominations.  Check
  • Share three ways that you like to help other people. Check
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate. Check 
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

My three ways I help others include my triad for the writing life:

1. Learn. Others have a wealth of knowledge and experience from which you can learn. I give respect to that value and, in turn, teach what I know to others. Pass it along.

2. Create. Others have gone before you but you must use your gift to contribute to the beauty of the creative world. I appreciate the ability I have, strive to do my own work, yet respect others’ work. Give credit where credit’s due!

3. Share. Be there to mentor, encourage, inspire, promote, support, engage, network, participate… you get the idea. I am there.

My nominees are:  Although business oriented this blog/forum/discussion is inspiring and supports community leadership through exemplary work and entrepreneurial example! What does inspiration sound like? It sounds like the wind through the pages of time, through the words of this blogger – awesome!  It’s pink and pretty but, oh so passionate – visit this blog to experience the never-ending inspiration and courage that is Glenda.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog and sharing my writing journey ~ Linda

“A good book is a lighthouse; a wise man is a lighthouse; conscience is a lighthouse; compassion is a lighthouse; science is a lighthouse! They all show us the true path! Keep them in your life to remain safe in the rocky and dark waters of life!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan


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The Seduction of Spring


The Seduction of Spring is my seasonal classic and, despite the snowy frosting blanketing our earth, Epona’s kiss to the ground shall melt that wintry attempt in due time. ~ Linda

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Seduction of Spring July 2011

As the March night slipped into a sleepy silence, a stillness was borne unto an awakening land – a land still groggy yet reaching for warmth from the depths of slumber, stretching and rising like a Phoenix coaxed from the ashes of a winter’s hearth gone cold. A hushed wind whispered warnings through the timberland, whipping up a murmur that stirred amongst the trees; it slid and caught on encrusted snow, tempting the crows to mock again as they did the night before in the full moon’s wash when they watched from their perches high above. But they kept still and all else settled, as a fear took hold and silence fell, so as not to tempt the fates of the Morrighan.

As the hour grew late, nature’s children released a collective breath which held thick upon the cool night air. A final frosty coating tipped the branches. Timbered souls…

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Writing and planning and all that goes with it…

To me, the statement “life goes on” is such a broad and general expression. It is a phrase comprised of words said as confirmation, in consolation, or for situations where we don’t know what else to say except to state the obvious… but it’s the truth and it does go on even if in a different way or a dramatically changed manner. We all have, at one time or another, experienced events that rock our world and change how we forever view it, leaving only memories, if we are so lucky. So as I move beyond the hold of raw grief into the confusing realm of memories and newly discovered freedoms, I work through the debris in the best way I can, dealing with the uncontrolled emotional outbursts and equally disturbing contented quiet, grasping in both instances, tangible objects for grounding or intangible feelings for comfort. I continue to do what I’ve always done – take on too much, keep too busy, and devise and  dream of all kinds of plans. It is the opposite of depression where one wants to do nothing… instead, I want to do everything. I want to feel happy, I want to experience the depths of love, the heights of exploration, the vastness of this journey – I want it all; I want to live. But, as with most things, even life takes some modicum of planning unless we are drawn to the up and whatever of spontaneity – totally acceptable, yes, but a scheduling nightmare when one is working, running a company and a volunteer organization, entertaining a renewed relationship, freelancing, connecting with friends and family, and spending valuable time with a daughter who will be moving out of town.

All acceptable. But all need planning and juggling (see this blogger’s post for more on the coping with the overwhelming as a writer). Even though there is an emptiness that will persist, I feel as if I can move beyond the past year’s stress and emotional strain, to look at having some fun and creating happiness for myself. The planned writer’s retreat in May was decided in the fall and looks to be a wondrous 3 day delve into writing and relaxation and inspiration. The getaway in April (Easter long weekend) is something that has been brewing and stirring inside of me… growing over time, spurred by need, driven by passion… and as if the gates were opened and I was offered the open field, my spirit will venture to the place where the wild horses run. Finding and booking accommodations in a B-and-B in the exact area was like serendipity – synchronicity at work. I always contend the things that work in that way were just meant to be… timing, it’s all about timing and taking time.

I know that accomplishments lie ahead – I welcome them and strive toward them. But I also know, many of those achievements will be bittersweet as I share silently with one who will be forever missed. I think about how she would have loved to hear about all these adventures and how she would have worried as we ventured off on each and every one of them – she was like that and it is something I try not to do when my daughter is away, despite her claim that I am always worrying… (I’m not. Really. Do I?)

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~ Oscar Wilde 

Photo: Wild horses near Socorro, N.M. Credit: Associated Press



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Chasing Wild Dreams

It is 10:57 pm on the evening of March 11th and it is +7 degrees. The window is open and a gentle March lamb breeze bleats through the screen, shuffling the shell chimes as it passes through – a shy melodic ripple that stirs my sense of freedom and imagination with its soft, beautiful sound. As I finish my posts for the night, I last perused the many pages of wild horse pictures. I scrolled, amazed and awestruck, through the slide show from a photographer recently at the William’s Creek capture point. The corral is to be taken down; this season’s cull now over. I read that only 15 horses were captured and that, to me and many through the province, is 15 too many. Why they are not protected is beyond me… see the pictures, look into their eyes, feel their essence, and then tell me you don’t sense their magnificence and harbor a rising need to protect and respect that spirit.

It’s now 11:32 pm and +6 degrees… cooling off over night but there are warm temperatures in store for Alberta – we wait the spring with bated breath, tired of the too long, too cold, too much winter. It is no more or no worse than any other but we were teased in January and need this to be done so we can move on. Other things are soon to be done, too – to move on and close this chapter; however, remembering forever the story upon its pages. It is a bittersweet week as things come to completion in some respects, and remain forever incomplete in others. It brings me to the closure of exposure yet the openness of vulnerability as my heartaches, my body aches, and my mind tries in vain to justify the extremes. I feel accomplishment yet know there is so much more ahead to be done.

While chapters close, like in writing my novels, I am thinking ahead to what is to come, what is yet to happen, and what purpose drives my character to those ends. I read many quotes and wisdoms posted each day in an effort to inspire change, encourage improvement, create thought, etc. Today, the following quote resonated with me:

“Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.” 

                                                                                           ~ Dalai Lama

I am in the planning stages of a personal trip that will see me go to the wild horses of our province. I am hoping only to take pictures and experience their freedom first hand. I want to look into their eyes, hear the wind as it whips through their mane, watch as they graze upon Alberta’s foothill grasses. I do not want to disturb them as that would go against all my beliefs, all my respect for their need to just… be… To be close enough to feel them with my very soul shall be complete.

It is 11:52 on March the 11th and it is still +6 degrees… as I turn in for the night and look forward to another day, I am thankful for the things in my life, the people who make it worth living, and the passion I hold in my heart for writing, horses, and freeing the creative spirit. 


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Looking Forward

Being in the moment and appreciating every day comes with its own set of conditions, it seems. There is certainly the need for patience in waiting for what is to come and acceptance of what is happening now; there is a need to have action in the moment in order to fill a heart, mind, and body with productivity and purpose, all the while saving, planning, or even dreaming about the upcoming. It is easy to say that one needs to focus on the task at hand to put concentrated effort into that which needs to be done, that which is asked of you, or that which is required. Thankfully, it’s not all about chores and responsibilities, for and to others, but also about fulfilling our own needs – looking out for oneself and having dreams are good things. This is not selfish. It is life.

We talk about the little things and, even in my past posts, I commented on the “live in the moment” and reminders of the good in every day. As we live life, there are expectations and things we all look forward to… some things are good and exciting and the anticipation during the wait is almost too much. There are also those events, duties, and general stuff that needs to be taken care of so that the moments ahead are less stressful, less cumbersome, less emotionally and physically draining. I try to live in the moment each day. I try to remain focused on what I can do… not what I have to do (believe me, this is a difficult one with the “to do lists” I have compiled as of late) or the worrisome what we can’t or haven’t done.

Like most of you out there, I am anticipating and expectations cannot be ruled out. Everyone has them. I have a need to complete that which needs to be done without choice – for happiness and healing. I have an obligation to do things that have to be done – for every day comfort and general survival. There are also those things that are desired – for want, dream fulfillment, and personal betterment. So even though I try to live in the moment and focus my happiness on what’s at hand, with planning and schedules and expectations galore, I am always looking forward, too.

On this day, the 28th of February, a good portion of us in Alberta (and many places considering this year’s winter) are looking forward to spring. March brings with it a hint of that promise although today is biting cold (currently mid day it sits at -25, feels like -35). We can hope this lion quells its roar SOON and the lambs of spring bound into our lives. To get an idea of the range of my expectation, I am anticipating an awesome Friday night with someone I love which caters to building a future. On the other end of the scale, and if all things work out as contracted, exactly 3 weeks from today…  another chapter will close on the past which is a process required for my healing.

Focus on today – the sun shines in my life in many ways.

black horse winter

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