A Journey of Brothers
A Journey of Brothers ~ Novella I
(c) 2012 Linda J. Pedley
When Aaslan’s duty to escort his sister, Aisha, to a neighboring village is met with defeat, he must journey to find his sister through the underground tunnels of the Turkish countryside. He fights little boy fears in a grown up world to regain his honor and save her life. With the help of friends, his destiny becomes one of survival and growth. He is soon to earn the name he bears… or die trying.
E-Book on Smashwords – A Journey of Brothers
A Writer's Life ~ My Ode to the Bard

A Writer’s Life ~ My Ode to the Bard
(c) 2013 Linda J. Pedley
As a writer, we all know the trials and tribulations of life give substance to the work we produce – but it can also stand in the way of how much work we produce.  If we give into life’s demands and table our work, shelve our passion, put on hold our writing desires – we will eventually come back to it at some point along our journey.  We must.  As writers, we write because we have to.
E-Book on Smashwords – A Writer’s Life – My Ode to the Bard

Cover Power Struggle

Power Struggle
(c) 2013 Linda J. Pedley
The struggle is not always about power… Martin Wells Jr.’s signature on a document signifies that it has undergone the rigorous scrutiny of research and public inquiry, and only then passing through the evidentiary hearing before the Power Commission. To some, his signature is synonymous with not only wealth, but power, too. But if you are unwittingly drawn into a nuclear ruse where you must conform or lose those around you – what would you do? When Martin signs on the dotted line, what must he do to earn back industry respect, avenge his father’s death, and regain another chance at love? Martin Jr. wants to do the right thing, but moving to the top in the Alberta industry gets into your head. Will he follow his heart?


An Elizabethan Affair
(c) 2014 Linda J. Pedley
…1591 – Tmes of Adventure. Times of great Expectations. The Elizabethan Era produced the likes of Marlow, Spenser, and the up and coming, William Shakespeare… all masters who flooded literary history with some of the greatest words ever written… Did they know their words would hold truth in times to come? Did they ever question their worth or wonder their future influence? A desperate quest for her own immortality drives Emilia to journey to the future in order to secure her own destiny. In doing so, she finds answers she does not expect… …1991 – Elizabeth is a modern woman in the wrong era – she lives and breathes literature and devotes her life to preserving the literary masters’ work. A chance meeting and befriending with Mila, a young woman wise beyond her years, gives Elizabeth the opportunity of a lifetime. When desperate desires tempt modern passions there is no stopping an Elizabethan affair…

Journey of Truth II cover icon

A Journey of Truth – Novella II
(c) 2015 Linda J. Pedley
Follow the continuing journey of Aaslan and his sister, Aisha, as they return to home life in the village of Bursa with their mother and father, and new friends. Will the aftermath of their Istanbul adventures have unforeseen consequences as they try to resume what was, all the while dreaming of what could have been? Is it possible to return to that normal life? Is it possible to let go of the fear?While the men go off on another journey, this time to restore the supplies and hunt for winter food, Aisha and her mother and friend, Saharra, stay home to tend to the farm. An early winter storm sets the pace for “things to go wrong” for the women. Meanwhile, the men encounter unexpected travelers at their destination. When the identity of the travelers is discovered, it is a trek of survival to return home. Will the men arrive back at the quiet farm community of Bursa on time?
E-Book on Smashwords – A Journey of Truth – Novella II

Cover icon2

A Journey of Desires – Novella III
(c) 2016 Linda J. Pedley
The final chapter of the story brings Prince Haidar back into Aisha’s life after he decides that finding her would be the most important thing to determine his destiny. Does it include his one true love?

Front Cover_Italian Son

An Italian Son
(c) 2016 Linda J. Pedley

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