A Journey of Brothers A Journey of Brothers ~ Novella I

(c) 2012 Linda J. Pedley

When Aaslan’s duty to escort his sister, Aisha, to a neighboring village is met with defeat, he must journey to find his sister through the underground tunnels of the Turkish countryside. He fights little boy fears in a grown up world to regain his honor and save her life. With the help of friends, his destiny becomes one of survival and growth. He is soon to earn the name he bears, or die trying.

A Writer's Life ~ My Ode to the BardA Writer’s Life ~ My Ode to the Bard

(c) 2013 Linda J. Pedley

As a writer, we all know the trials and tribulations of life give substance to the work we produce – but it also stands in the way of how much work we produce… at times.  IF we give into life’s demands and table our work, shelve our passion, put on hold our writing desires – we will eventually come back to it at some point along our journey.  We must.  As writers, we write because we have to.


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  1. Great display but you are missing Power Struggle & Your Lifetime of Stories on here…:(

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