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Smoke, Heat & Memories

The day has me distracted. I try to remain focused on my job and the work I need to do. It has nothing to do with being Monday. It’s not because I had a tiresome weekend nor am fatigued or overly pained. It is not because I am eager to get back to the work on my company projects. It’s not because I have an upcoming trip planned and am looking forward to hitting the road. It is merely to do with the date and something I have in mind that I need to write. It’s a good feeling – that need to write, and even if the thought that started this is internally sad it is not a sorrowful post. Quite the contrary, and I always give in to the urges when they are this strong.

This past weekend was marked by a special event – the marriage of two wonderful people who I am proud to call friends. They both looked amazing and the ceremony was inspiring despite the heat and smoke – it was an outdoor wedding so both elements played a significant role in comfort. Even bringing the party into the shelter of the nearby community hall for the reception didn’t reduce the sweat factor. I am sure everyone dropped a few pounds that day…

Robyn and Joe

I am happy to have a beautiful event mark this weekend in my memories. It is not that new events ever mask or replace old memories that might have marked the days, but it is nice to have rejuvenation to the ones that marred the memory banks. July 13th, 3 years ago, was a day congested with heat and smoke in the air – I won’t forget it. It was a day I found out something that changed lives forever. Changes, whether good or bad, have an effect on one’s life journey. Sometimes it means you go it alone. Other times, it means you have someone to share it.

Best of luck and lots of love on your life’s journey – Robyn and Joe – July 11, 2015


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The Wedding of Winter

The last sliver of daylight slipped silent into the good night. The time was not yet right even though it fixed upon the earth a golden sand-like mirage and laid it like a shimmering slip cover over a desolate white land. A gilded aura fleetingly caressed every bony branch, embraced each high pine crest, and kissed the tangled webs of earth and sky as it engulfed nature with ethereal bed time comforts. As the studded heavens opened up to reveal their jeweled gifts, she smiled. The time was now drawing near.

Crystal took great care in making the headdress – for in the making there required consideration to all elements. It must portray the purity of new fallen snow upon an earth unmarked as a virgin presented to her mate on the wedding night; it must show the very beauty of her being with a single floral bloom, but not just for show, as it required also a magical quality; it must dazzle with light comparable to a million stars to shine the way into the darkness of their seasonal embrace. It was the longest night but the brightest start and it had to be perfect for the bride named Winter.

Meanwhile, Sphere put the finishing touches to the cakes – soft icing mounds white and sweet – cool to the tongue, a tasty treat. It was with great pleasure she sculpted them into peaks then placed them carefully on ice to last through even the most tempting of rays from a short day sun.

So it was that Winter came to wed the earth wearing shimmering white that sparkled silver diamonds in the moonlight with a halo of mistletoe interwoven with angle hair.  Her frosty breath upon the air whispered through the trees like flitting ghosts of silent prayer seeking night choirs, calling wolves to howl and prompting hoots of owl. The darkness reflected all her glory as she rivaled day with light so bright – a magnificent evening show. It was not that she did not like the hue of fading dusk or the shine of the celestial watcher of the day; rather, it was that she preferred moonlight silver to gold, velvet darkness to light, and she was proud to wear downy white to marry shortest day with the longest night.

Winter lay her frosty touch upon a sleeping earth with a chilling wedding promise.

Wedding of Winter


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