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Photo Blog Challenge Wrap Up

January 2015 – 30 Day Photo Blog Challenge Wrap Up

So it is now going on into the early morning hours of February 1st and I am contemplating the grand finale for this challenge. I found that trying to focus on my own work allowed me a chance to express a little bit of suppressed creativity. I love my words. I love my camera. And to combine them into compositions in answer to the prompts in whatever manner happened was worth the time invested. I found as I went along, the challenge was something that I love do anyway – I am always watching for that perfect shot, that one time chance, that image that evokes a feeling and can be related by words, as well. Although this is a “wrap up” there will be no real end to this for me as it is as natural and as inevitable as sun rise. There are a few prompts on the list that I will admit to passing over, either because they deluded me in attempt or they didn’t spark an interest. Prompts are like that – they either “speak” to you or they are silent. I like to think that I can respond to anything, and I guess I can if I don’t really care what I “say” – however, I enjoyed the posts that happened when least expected. It’s like the moments in life that you either catch on “film” or you commit to eternal memory. So I always look up to the sky for inspiration and light or down to the ground for that unusual shadow or circumstance. I think as I go and realize an offering when it is handed to me. Like spaghetti falling onto the counter, tempting a game of pickup sticks. Synchronicity at work is the greatest compliment to my creative impulse.

Day 26 – Close Up Blog - Jan 26 - image close up>>> The rocks lie below and if you don’t pay attention to them, take a look next time. What do you see? Perhaps, it is just a haphazard arrangement of sizes and colors with no apparent pattern? Do you question the missing spots and wonder if you’ve “left no stone unturned” in your evaluation? Or is it just there, tempting those who might glance down to see something in what is apparently nothing more than a rock gravel parking lot… Interpretation is, after all, up to you and your muse.

Day 25 – Strangers >>> have nothing of note for this prompt so I pass on this one. I have mentioned before that I am not a portrait photographer and think less of imposing upon others around me. I am okay with people watching in order to study habits and characteristics for my writing, but taking pictures of people without their permission would be just creepy. That would be how you would interpret this as “strangers” the noun. Pass.


Day 24 – Animal >>> Well we all know where this might go given the opportunity… which happened to present itself on a recent drive. Horses will always warrant a stop along the road. It brings back April memories of seeking the wild horses that run west of Sundre.

But, if I keep close to home, the little pest that is poking at my leg to pet him is always around even though he might not be the most willing photo participant at times. He is quick and takes to looking away just as you click the pic. I am going to wrap up Day 20 – In My Bag – by saying that if I had it open on the floor like this box, I can tell you I would have a cat in the bag right quick. So, although I did not really fulfill the Day 20 prompt as best as I think I could, it is another one that gets a pass. So here’s my animal… Squishy in a box ready to ship off. Any takers?Squish

That only leaves Day 21 – Faceless Self Portrait and Day 30 Self Portrait… really nothing has changed enough from Day 1 to insert any other self-portrait here. I embrace creativity, yet have specific things I stay away from – particularly me in a photo. The Day 1 photo was one of those – ah ha moments – it was there on a day out to Elk Island Park and was something to recognize in the moment. It spoke to the challenge and to me and to what I would attempt to accomplish. It really addressed Day 21 as well because with that camera up in front you are, in essence, faceless. What I am going to finish up with, however, is my beautiful Sunshine – it usually makes it into all my photo days because without it I wouldn’t be traipsing all over snow-covered back country roads. The truck is a blessing and has helped to fulfill many adventures already. Memories that will stay with me forever; and isn’t that what life’s all about. This challenge has given me some great opportunity to share, to explore, to create… and for that I am truly thankful.

Sunshine makes winter tolerable

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January 1, 2015 – 30 day Photo/Blog Word/Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge

January 30-day Photography / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge   

Day 1 >> Self-Portrait

Ah, yes. Me, myself, and I. Day 1 - 30 day challenge Self-PortraitNot my favorite subject… in photographs.

No matter how creative I think I am or how acceptable my image seems to be to me in the mirror… there is always something that doesn’t translate onto the “film.” I have accepted that I will never be in motion pictures or in magazines or on the news anchor desk. Don’t get me wrong – I love me and all I represent and have grown to be over the years. I am happy with my accomplishments and look forward to so much more as we go on. The past year was one of freedom, in many ways, for me. It was a discovery of self and a connection with inner self. It was a realization of what was needed and what will never be the same. It was a search and destroy mission – searching for sense while destroying the senseless blocks that weigh me down. Although I anticipate 2015 to be a year of change, 2014 was one of rediscovery and adjustments, too. The chance to reconnect with love on so many levels came to fruition – and love is something I cherish deep in within my soul. I am a hopeless romantic, at times. I was able to complete my long time WIP – An Elizabethan Affair, thereby finally publishing my affection for William. I set limits while breaking boundaries. I realized some of my own goals while helping others to realize theirs. I moved forward without looking back.

January 1st is always a day to dive with caution into the goals one sets for oneself. Often resolutions are made with high expectations that end up being measured with somewhat waning results. I do not want to make promises to myself that I end up abandoning because of my work or company schedule. My goals involve the creative aspects of my life and have been unchanging for a number of years now. For writers, our methods of inspiring new work may change, but the output is always the same – words. Our passion lies deep – we cater to our desires. My desires also lie in complimentary areas of creativity, especially photography. I am a truck window photographer – a fly by skidding to a halt picture taker along the side of the road hoping for a handy turnout… just ask anyone who’s been along for the ride! Today’s challenge of self-portrait was considered here and there with a little bit of “yuck”… but when the opportune moment hit me… it fit the assignment and it fit me. It is my reflection in my own truck window while on the day’s sojourn.

Searching for sunshine on a grey day >> only pop of color = Sunshine (my truck) and the flag; only life form = sunshine (my man) Ray:


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