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The Road Ahead

It is the first day of a New Year. I feel good and with that feeling are thoughts of starting things afresh while remaining real in my good intentions. Resolutions. Promises. Whatever labels you might attach, they are part of the road ahead… This immediately brings to mind the saying and I had to look it up in order to get it right… to me “the road ahead is paved…” made just as much sense and, for the purpose of my post, was spot on. In fact, the “hell” part didn’t even come to mind, but it was an interesting read and the underlying meaning was apparent after doing so.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” One meaning of the phrase is that individuals may have the intention to undertake good actions but nevertheless fail to take action. Procrastination, laziness, or other obstacles may be the cause of the failure. In any case, the saying is an admonishment that good intentions are meaningless unless followed by action. A different interpretation of the saying is wrongdoing is often masked by good intentions, or possibly that good intentions, even when enacted, may have unforeseen bad consequences (hence the “hell” aspect). (source: Wikipedia)

With all the projects going on I have neglected time for my own creativity. Lately, I have embraced the freedom the office gives me as I am able to leave the physicality of my company work in the office – I say physicality because my mind never turns off completely to the concept of publishing. I live for it. But, living it and then leaving it “at the office” has given me the time to do things at home that need to be done. It has also allowed me the opportunity to engage in creative actions that feed my soul – one of late is coloring my own sketches AND adult coloring books given to me by my sister. Throughout this trying year, my focus was on projects signed by Dream Write Publishing, and that is what made 2015 an amazing year – we published 15 new works!

In order to boost and infuse my own creative spirit, I shuffled ideas around in my head and challenged myself to come up with some plan that might keep me on track – for the day, the month, the year… There are those of you who know how well that goes for me! It’s all good – the putting to paper what needs attention – the infamous to-do list with its promise of organization and achievement – but I am embracing who I am and what I enjoy to make this year one that will bring happiness. If I want to color until 2:00 am… then I will. If I want to disappear into the mountains to track wild horses, I am going to do that, too. Slowly, one thing at a time, I am going to transform myself and my surroundings over the course of this year to embody happiness and health. I will support the people I love who mean the most to me and will love myself for who I am, not obsess about what I am not. It is in our own hands what we do with the time and talents we have.

I offer no resolution to fail. There is no “good intention” to go bad. There is no holding back because I intend to take the road that likes ahead. I left hatred and negativity on the midnight hour to fade into the nothingness of no longer important. The tank is full of passion and promise and that is all the fuel I need to work toward an amazing year of successes.

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The Passing and the Promise

Here is a New Year’s personification that addresses what we are so inclined to do – look back with regret instead of ahead with committed action. I wrote this short conversation for 2010 and it will never go out of style. Enjoy!

She met him at the door her smile sweet with eyes so bright they could light up the night like fireworks. Her name was Eve and she sealed many deals with just a kiss. Her offer held promise of a future yet he was uncertain this time. He was bringing with him “baggage” that he knew would soon be forgotten. It was going to take reflection and a lot of effort, again. He knew this to be true for he stood upon this threshold before. She was offering a life that would not be free from tears and pain – he knew there might be sorrow and heartache – he also knew there could be health and wealth and he might prosper. Going back, however, was not an option.

The midnight hour tolled and with it a promise of hope anew. Amidst the blushing cheer the passing was not without fear for they moved from the knowing into the unknown.

“But what about the past 12 months – was it all for nothing?”

“No – your journey is your own and the way to go is up to you. You have the same time as everyone else and what you choose to do with it… well, again, that’s up to you.  All you need to do is take it step by step – 12 months will take you forward.”

“I didn’t get a chance…”

Eve held up a hand to silence the protest.

“What’s done is done, my love. But fret not, for what was not may still be.”

“I meant to…”

Again, Eve motioned for silence and she smiled in an effort to lessen his concern.

“I know, everyone means to. It’s easy to reflect back and say you should have this or that. You must remember to always make an effort while in the moment. And if it was important enough to you, you would have.”

This did not completely comfort him for in his heart he knew he always meant well. It’s just that things have a way of getting away from you, or getting out of hand, or you become so overwhelmed that … doing nothing is the most you can achieve.

“Look ahead. You still have a chance to do the things you want to or need to, and the things you so desire.”

“Okay.  I promise…”

Eve shook her head.

“No. Do not make carefree promises that are gone as sure as the melting snow on a warm spring day. Take a serious look at what you want to do and make an effort to do it because you really want to. Choose to do it because it is your passion and not just because you think it is the fashion to do so.”

He knew she was right. He had heard it all before for he had argued it over and over with each passing year. The resolution is an empty promise wasted upon deaf ears if you do not follow through with a determined commitment for your own sake.

01/05/10©Linda Pedley

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Ushering in the New Year

Timing is everything – as I write this post it just slips past the midnight hour into the last day of 2010. Nostalgia creeping in? I think not, as I do not dwell upon the past nor let things distress me or contain me. There is a whole new world ahead of us and with the ringing of the bells in 24 hours time, we have a whole new year ahead of us, too. It is with energy and assumption that most of us approach the passing of that marker for in the thought that newness brings is the feeling of spirit and rejuvenation, of chance and choice, of hope and happenstance.

For many, the leap into the New Year takes with it promises to do better and to make change, for with this leap comes resolve with intent to make the next 12 months, better than the last. Most will not make it past the first month with their tattered promises in tow, but that does not make the contract struck upon the midnight hour any less important. There is valor in the attempts. I will not make my resolutions here, for I still have 24 hours of 2010 to achieve, to complete, to do, to see, to be, to have, or to discard, as I see fit. Many things can happen within the last hours, so as I spend my time down to the last-minute, I resolve to enjoy what is left in a “write” way and will not usher in a rushed New Year.


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Saying Good-Bye

We can go all crazy and start to make our resolutions early even as it only creeps up on the late hours of the eve of New Year’s Eve – promising to make the most of the upcoming year, in a whisper rather than shouting it out in party fashion. Another 364 days to do what it is we want to, need to, and have to do. That equals 12 months or (after some calculation and minor struggles with the adding machine) 8,736 hours and if we average out that 1/3 of the day is assigned to a necessary but time-consuming sleep action, we are left with a grand total of 5,824 hours to divvy up amongst the many other things (or people) that make up our lives.

For most, if we work full-time, we only have to do so 5 of the 7 week days, and that equals another 2,080 hours consumed by another significant duty in our lives. This does not allow for the workaholic or the unemployed, retired or otherwise non-working person – in which case, you will either have less time due to overworking, or more time due to not working. In general, most of us will be left with 3,744 hours to do anything other than sleeping or working.

This little exercise is going nowhere serious and is only useful as we look back over our past year if it takes us to the realization that time is valuable and so is what we do with it. It is important to remember all the things that have been accomplished but equally important is the need to fit in time to relax without expectation to prepare our minds and bodies for all the rest of it. Things might not have gone how we would have hoped or as expected, but in the long run, it generally goes as it is supposed to.

Saying good-bye to 2010 may be a blessing for some if it was not “a good year” and for those whose year was a good one, it is never hard to let it go, for the good times pay it forward to the next and the next. For this writer, there were ups and downs over the past twelve months, but more significant were the chances given that were not always borne of happy or easy events. This blog is not for specifics but more for generalities as most of the statements expressed here at this time cater to the big picture – it is too easy to knit pick the little things.

As I look back and prepare to say good-bye to 2010, I also remember to say a general thank you; although there is always hope with the dawn of a New Year there is also uncertainty.

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