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Retreat Goals

Despite the turmoil of the months leading up to this weekend, my goal in going is to get away from the overwhelming every day – to focus on some of my own writing. I brought with me several projects to follow up on, which will include editing, designing, formatting. I hope to finish a few things so that I might move past this block that haunts me. Another novel to be done – An Italian Son – and my first kid’s picture book needs drawings. Can I determine the style I want to use for the illustrations?

I have also a company project in tow that I want to finish editing – it is in layout format so working through the reading achieves more than one end.

I am also hoping there’s a poem or two to be had – I will try to force the stoppage in order to free some words into a composition I will be happy with – I used to be so connected to poetry. What happened? Did it abandon me or did I abandon it? I know it’s not lost forever… just temporarily misplaced.

My camera is also my constant companion – there is always visual inspiration around, especially here: the birds are welcome subjects, trees and greenery, wood structures and pathways, squirrels and other wildlife supposedly around out there somewhere. If only the rain would let up. I will go out for walks to get some fresh air and connect with nature. It’s cooler, though, and cool, wet weather is not my friend.


I wrote my goals at the beginning of the weekend – it was gloomy when we arrived but soon gave way to rain for the past couple of days. We definitely need the rain and would happily send it up north to the forests. In truth, we couldn’t have a fire inside in the fireplace the first couple of nights because of the dryness here at the Creek. Finally, the rain gauge showed enough moisture accumulation and sharing alongside the fire was a possibility the last two nights of our stay. I love warm spring weather, though… Sunshine – the one from the sky – why have you abandoned us this weekend?


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The Road Ahead

It is the first day of a New Year. I feel good and with that feeling are thoughts of starting things afresh while remaining real in my good intentions. Resolutions. Promises. Whatever labels you might attach, they are part of the road ahead… This immediately brings to mind the saying and I had to look it up in order to get it right… to me “the road ahead is paved…” made just as much sense and, for the purpose of my post, was spot on. In fact, the “hell” part didn’t even come to mind, but it was an interesting read and the underlying meaning was apparent after doing so.

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” One meaning of the phrase is that individuals may have the intention to undertake good actions but nevertheless fail to take action. Procrastination, laziness, or other obstacles may be the cause of the failure. In any case, the saying is an admonishment that good intentions are meaningless unless followed by action. A different interpretation of the saying is wrongdoing is often masked by good intentions, or possibly that good intentions, even when enacted, may have unforeseen bad consequences (hence the “hell” aspect). (source: Wikipedia)

With all the projects going on I have neglected time for my own creativity. Lately, I have embraced the freedom the office gives me as I am able to leave the physicality of my company work in the office – I say physicality because my mind never turns off completely to the concept of publishing. I live for it. But, living it and then leaving it “at the office” has given me the time to do things at home that need to be done. It has also allowed me the opportunity to engage in creative actions that feed my soul – one of late is coloring my own sketches AND adult coloring books given to me by my sister. Throughout this trying year, my focus was on projects signed by Dream Write Publishing, and that is what made 2015 an amazing year – we published 15 new works!

In order to boost and infuse my own creative spirit, I shuffled ideas around in my head and challenged myself to come up with some plan that might keep me on track – for the day, the month, the year… There are those of you who know how well that goes for me! It’s all good – the putting to paper what needs attention – the infamous to-do list with its promise of organization and achievement – but I am embracing who I am and what I enjoy to make this year one that will bring happiness. If I want to color until 2:00 am… then I will. If I want to disappear into the mountains to track wild horses, I am going to do that, too. Slowly, one thing at a time, I am going to transform myself and my surroundings over the course of this year to embody happiness and health. I will support the people I love who mean the most to me and will love myself for who I am, not obsess about what I am not. It is in our own hands what we do with the time and talents we have.

I offer no resolution to fail. There is no “good intention” to go bad. There is no holding back because I intend to take the road that likes ahead. I left hatred and negativity on the midnight hour to fade into the nothingness of no longer important. The tank is full of passion and promise and that is all the fuel I need to work toward an amazing year of successes.

road ahead

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So wrapped up in words, none can escape…

Call the papers! There is a new blog post here on Wildhorse 33 … or perhaps, call the doctor, there’s been a breakthrough.

Of course, I am an extreme exaggerator and don’t need any announcement or help in any way. There was never a doubt that I’d be back to write – there was just speculation on when and the offering of excuses as to why I wasn’t here prior to now. I started out the year with a bang by posting most of the first month, having taken on the photo-blog challenge; however, I backed away since then. When I get caught up in my work as publisher I am driven by the need to complete jobs, while having to continue to solicit new business in order to grow; take on sudden jobs to bring in revenue; continue to work on ongoing projects. The old ways come to the forefront – my own work takes a backseat while I am trying to stay caught up, get caught up, or remain above water. Treading and dreading the outcomes. Overwhelmed with all that is going on around me and taken to withdrawal of words. My own words are necessary for the growth of my own creativity. I grow in skill and ability through the creativity of others – I relish their words and appreciate the opportunity to support and promote diversity.

Me. Mine. I – wait. It will come. I look forward to a writer’s retreat this upcoming long weekend and will commit to my own words and works for 3 full days! This little blog is just a way of stepping out, one step at a time, toward that bigger release. I welcome the escape. In the meantime, I work diligently to get more projects off the ground, crafting the wings on which they may fly.

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Confusion Clutter and Creativity

Confusion heard his voice, and wild uproar Stood ruled, stood vast infinitude confined; Till at his second bidding darkness fled, Light shone, and order from disorder sprung. ~ John Milton

“…and order from disorder sprung.” Hey, Mr. Milton, I am counting on that! As I whittle away at the bars of my confinements (dramatic!) – oh, I mean commitments… I am digging for the light sending darkness flying as I try to make sense of my 50 hues of disorder. There have been so many drafts filed away in my wordpress dashboard over the last couple of days that I might have even kept up with Mandy Eve-Barnett, the blogging wizard, had I posted them all. But alas, the words I chose neither fit my mood nor felt good enough to post so now I ramble and rant and resemble a run away train. Confusion? Disorder? Disarray? … all aboard! I am not so easily discouraged by my bouts of doing nothing to be frightened but, at times, the reality of it all hits me and I shudder with fear as I realize my impending reaction will be more like an overwhelming “omg” and “wtf.” Can a person possibly take on “more” and still find a spot to heap it upon the pile. My to-do list could be a trilogy, a frickin’ mystical other world series heading for disaster while spiralling into a project abyss…

Stand back because when this one goes to press it’s gonna be a good ‘un.

(Disclaimer: no writers were sacrificed in the making of this blog… in fact, nothing was sacrificed – except, perhaps, creativity.)

cluttered desk

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Me and NaNO

Wow, when the cosmos says you shouldn’t or will not do something, it really means it! Or at least it makes the effort somewhat difficult by overwhelming you with emotional grief and consuming you with administrative turmoil. This year will go down as the worst and will probably hamper any future attempts for the so-called month of writing frenzy. I think I will concentrate my efforts elsewhere because giving up totally is not something I am willing to give in to – writing is in my very soul and it is spurred by my heartfelt renderings. My thoughts stray back to 2009 when I had a partially developed idea in place for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I remember completing 2009 with a novel entitled An Italian Son even though my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In 2010, I assumed the best for my writing despite all that was going on in my sister’s life. I planned early the premise of the 2010 novel and let it sit awaiting the November 1st start. Power Struggle came out of that 2010 effort although it was composed with pure emotional adrenalin. My father had an abdominal aortic aneurism (triple a) late October while at work. He wasn’t given much chance of survival but he did. Although he was in hospital for the onslaught of the writing craziness, I remember writing the first chapter on a small note pad while sitting in his hospital room.

In 2011, I registered on my NaNoWriMo account to assume the position but did not complete my attempt. I was working on my WIP, An Elizabethan Affair, and although it is one so dear to my heart that finishing is an ongoing dream, I could not find the time to finish the whole 50,000 words. I added to the work and in that I found comfort – it will be finished when the time is right for it keeps me in touch with my true spirit. My love for Shakespeare and his work guide me toward that inevitable success.

This year is another story altogether and perhaps my inner spirit is severed with regard to this year’s attempt at writing the sequels to my YA adventure, A Journey of Brothers. Publishing the ebook this summer via #smashwords is bittersweet. My mom loved this story and helped with editing and proof reading and event wanted so much to see it in film; I told her of my plan to write the follow ups to my novella this month. I would continue the story and follow the brothers – Aaslan, Udmurt, and Prince Haidar to fulfill each of their lives through the journey of the women, Aisha and Saharra. I dedicated the first book to my mom and although she did not see a print copy of this book she was the reason I published it first in the means I was able.

She passed away on November 3rd. If time allows I will begin this year’s NaNoWriMo quest in her honor – it will be delayed and sporadic.

I will not be pursuing future events but endeavor to devote time throughout the year to my writing as we answer the inner call as writers. At least that’s how I’m feeling right at this moment.


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No Right or Wrong… Just Write

I spent the day in wordy bliss – my Saturday was mine and I chose to spend it on my butt in front of the computer, writing – mostly. I took some time to stretch and change seating arrangements to the sofa for a spell but today was my day to get some writing done, which included projects involving writing, but not specifically writing, per se. I managed a blog or two and wrote close to a thousand words for a writing prompt that we post to our writer’s web site every Saturday. It was fun because I stepped into some humor for that one.

Yes, I posted it late but it counts ‘cuz I’m still sitting here!  It was a windy, rainy, cloudy grey day so it was nice to just stay indoors. The act of writing all day is great for honing my craft but not so great for reshaping my assets… they are rather misshapen, if you know what I mean, but lately I feel that I would rather be known for my brain, not my body.

Writing is wondrous and it leaves me feeling good about me and my creativity. It is something I can count on; it’s always there for me; it accepts me for what I am. And there is no right or wrong when you sit down to write. To be a writer, one must write. That is the simple truth. So write in your journal. Blog here and there, on whatever you wish. Comment with thought and consideration on other writer’s posts. Practice by writing something way out there, different from your usual stuff or just write the same way with a different theme. It does not matter. There is no right or wrong… just write.

I pulled out some old files today while I was searching for some information about a writing prompt we challenged our group to way back in October of 2007. Of course, I found it along with a whole bunch of other stuff and soon my desk was stacked with papers to look through and sort through. Needless to say, I updated some submission guidelines for various publications and I hope to send some of my writing out – no, I will send some of my writing out – I just have to match a piece up to a publication. Definitely.

Looking ahead to tomorrow I will be working on some articles and posts for my web site. Of all venues, that one tends to fall behind as I write my way through so many other places – blogs, web sites, manuscripts. Thank goodness, there is no shortness of breath or lack of words. So many combinations allow me to construct, compose and create just as many stories, poems or essays.

As a writer, if you have the passion, putting it all together is “a piece a cake.”


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Life Revolves Around Writing

As a writer it is necessary to immerse oneself into all of the aspects of writing and never forget that to be a writer, one must write. Many times it does not matter what you write, but many times it does. If there are things that are sitting on the back burner – creative things stewing away – it may be time to pull them to the forefront and take note of them again. It is okay to intersperse them among the other things that might have to be done on a day-to-day basis – life, for instance – but your writer’s life must be just as important in order for those creative babies to grow and mature and get out into the world.

I, for instance, just finished writing a one page feature advertisement for our Writer’s Conference coming up in April – this is writing – it is a different kind of writing but I feel it keeps me in touch with what is important to me and my journey as a writer. It is not what will be noticed in the future as my “claim to fame” but it is important now. A writer must learn how to mix it up in order to keep in the now and put out there what will be in print and there for all time. Not to go all “shakespeare” on you, but immortality for an artist is caught up in the number of times our work will be appreciated in the future by future readers and art connoisseurs.

The omen the other day – receiving a Business Edge news magazine in my mailbox for the first time ever – was taken to heart as a sign to get out there. I have submitted the piece I read last Tuesday to the writer’s group with a couple of changes, just to generalize the concept for all business leaders in today’s business world. I will continue to work on other things while this comes to fruition.

Along with all the things that I am doing, is something that I am not doing – beating myself up for not writing in my small daily journal, having lost momentum along the way with the move and all. I HAVE been blogging and participating in the Saturday Writing Prompts so I look at the positive, not the negative. I AM writing and that is what constitutes a writer.


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