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Where Inspiration Grows

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We follow our journey through life – sometimes lost, sometimes exploring, sometimes determined and in a hurry to get to where we think we are supposed to go. Often we don’t even know where that is… but through trial and error we persevere and, by and large, we end up following the path we were meant to take all along. Choices along the way challenge us; some work and some don’t which is a testament to what was supposed to be all along. If it works, then it’s meant to be. If it doesn’t, we have a decision to make in order to get back on track. My journey has led to writing and the writing life, and I’ve been slowly inching my way to into the publishing industry – helping others while I help myself. I have been told I inspire others to follow their dreams just by being true to who I am and following mine. I have not done what I would classify as great things to change the world. I have not discovered a cure for anything; I hold no great wealth to attack poverty or provide homes for homeless or orphans or even stray animals. I sometimes barely stay afloat knowing my lot in life is not wealth; I do what I do not for fame; I don’t stand out as a beauty – based on common misconceptions. 

Everything and everyone around me shapes my writing journey by molding it to their influences and the effects they have upon my life. I have 3 inspirational influences I want to share today. Unlike my obsession with William Shakespeare, these people are a real part of my life. The first is my late mother – feelings are still raw about this and no matter how much time goes by the differences are too noticeable to ever be the same. I am finding ways to deal with the emptiness her leaving created. I know she would want me to continue building my company and her acceptance of my own writing inspires me to do more. I will continue to see her life, and her death, as something I must weave into my work in order to heal and move forward.

The second is my dear friend – Mandy Eve-Barnett. As fellow writer and co-conspirator on many projects and events, she came into my life fairly recently if you look at the big picture; but as we all know, for a reason.  She is a rock of stability and reality in my dream-filled, high hope world. Not that she doesn’t have dreams and hopes of her own but it seems she is able to keep them grounded and does so in much the same way my mother did. Mandy’s writing goals are an inspiration to me and others- she is creative and inventive and meticulous in her plan. She has built in a short time a dedication some take years to develop. You can follow her blog (one a day from the beginning of this year!) at the following link: http://mandyevebarnett.com/

The third person I would like to acknowledge, but by no mean the last, is my daughter, Kelsey Hoople. My little dynamo will shock you with her life advice yet in a short time frame of life she is wise beyond her years – but as she would say “what’s age got to do with it…” It wasn’t a life planned, raising her as a single parent, but one that contributed to her journey and upbringing as well as mine as a person and a parent. Together, we have climbed many mountains and continue to deal with life as a pair. She recently started her own business and aspires to doing great things for those she is prepared to help and the community in which she lives. Her words are posted on her web site under the Let’s Talk tag. http://www.kelseyincorporated.com/lets-talk.html

There have been and are many others and will be many more ahead – people are the greatest influencers in our life. My reminder to this is the saying “a reason, a season, a lifetime.” Good, bad or indifferent, for a short time or forever – lessons are learned, shared, and our stories grow as we live. True inspiration comes to those who are good to one another while being true to who they are and respectful of the journey they travel. 



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Sonnet V – Not of My Time

There was a time you were unknown to me

We walked our separate paths upon the earth

Then life presented chance discovery

and need displayed at face our meeting’s worth

Below the surface boiled submissive fire

Tempting us to warm to nature’s draw

You appeared despite your oath’s desire

Soothing o’er my wounds that still bled raw

As two forbid complete within one bed

Although our draw and writ would argue so

Brief encounters filled with cautious dread

Midnight hour tolled and soon must go

Not free to roam, you travel guarded way

Content with offered tryst, I’m held at bay

(c) Linda J. Pedley  (from Elizabethan Affair – soon to be released novel)

Victorian artist ~ William Powell Frith














Victorian Artist~ William Powell Frith ~ “Lovers” – 1855


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Your Story Lives On

Over the course of my writing journey, I have been fortunate to meet many talented writers. My own work has been encouraged by these individuals either through teaching or mere inspiration. As I grow in my craft, I continue to learn, endeavor to share, and strive to create, based upon the development of my own writing philosophy. Continued association with such inspiring people, whether through the local writer’s group meetings, or through my own personal relationships (many of which have developed from the wonderful people I have met in that group), there is opportunity to hear and read their work. Our meetings allow us a chance to be among those who share our love for words and gives us the medium to read and listen, comment and suggest, digest and think… words are amazing and as they are released from their host they become something to cherish. Some writers are compelled to publish their stories after consideration and time, but the act of writing them, whether fact or fiction, is not something they simply choose to do. We all know that a writer writes because they must and will explain it in such as way that manifests itself as a declaration of the impossibility of doing anything else with such passion. I say some are compelled to publish their stories because not everyone embraces the act of displaying their words publicly; they hold them private although they have released them onto the page. Each act of writing is an expression of self and whatever the end product, it is the writer’s story that matters. It is theirs to tell and to share, but once they do – it belongs to the reader, to be read and relived, over and over again. That is where courage lies – it is an offer to the future and immortality for the author.

As a writer I know the bond we have with words and as a publisher I respect the privilege I have been given each and every time I hold someone’s manuscript in my hands or read it upon the screen. They share their words with a trust I hold in complete honor. It does not mean that all words given to me for review are chosen to be published; it does not mean that I agree or hold truth in all words shared with me; it means simply that I respect the writer for the effort afforded in that act.

I fashioned a simple poem as a tribute to those who publish their stories:

Between two well planned covers lie

words of your journey – beginning to end

Mingled among emotions, tangled with the soul

stories begging they be retold again.

Beacons along life’s journey light

words that share your tale – where you live

a quiet memory revived

to breathe upon the pages you give.

Fear not, for your memories will not die

all stories have importance, as do the next

The tales of your life – bound with care

come alive with each who absorb the text.


Those covers – birth and death, past and present, then and now – contain the story of your life and only you can write it.


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