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Define Yourself as a Writer

My passion and enthusiasm leads me astray. It will get to a point, though, that I must rein it in and tie it down, despite the ‘no fences’ rule. I wear several hats, of late, and it is no wonder that confusion plays it course upon my condition. I love my company and I love the people who have discovered the amazing way collaboration works. Supporting one another is truly the way to become better at what we do – it is the way to widen your perspective, cultivate new interests, define your goals – all of which allows us to plant sign posts with remarkable achievements along our writing life journey. But, if I do not write, I begin to feel discouraged, frustrated, sad… I need to write. It is as vital as air and as soothing a sunshine upon my face.

I read a great post shared by someone who walks the talk – she supports and encourages and I am so lucky to call her friend and confidant. The Writer’s Digest article talked about the October Platform Challenge… we all know how I love a challenge! So what better way to get myself out of a rut than to revisit the deepest part of my creativity. I am going to rediscover my muse and drag him/her screaming to the surface.

Day 1 Challenge – Define Yourself as a Writer 

This exercise is to identify and lay claim to all the things that make you a writer. Own it.

Name (as used in byline): Linda J. Pedley

Position(s): Owner/President of Dream Write Publishing Ltd * Co-founder/Director/Treasurer/Member/Volunteer of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County * Business Management Coordinator for my day job at the Alberta Federation of REAs * Freelance Writer/Editor * Published Author * Artist & Illustrator * Truck Window Photographer

Skill(s): Creative writing * non-fiction writing * poetry * editing * book design * blogging and web site content writing * social media promotion and platform building * newsletters * business document writing including business plans, reports, business case proposals, government position papers * individual-team-community builder * teaching and mentoring * color and design * photography * art composition and basic lesson plans * computer use

Social media platforms (active): Facebook * LinkedIn * Google+ * Twitter

URL(s): wildhorse33.wordpress.com  / dreamwrite10.wordpress.com  / dreamwritepublishing.com  / strathconaconnect.com 

Accomplishments: BA General – Sociology Major/Political Science Minor from the University of Alberta * Author of several published novels: YA adventure series – A Journey of Brothers/A Journey of Truths/ A Journey of Desires, Power Struggle, Ode to the Bard – My Writing Life, and An Elizabethan Affair * Co-Author of Your Lifetime of Stories and From a Solitary Drop * Contributing Author to several compilations and/or anthologies including Christmas Chaos and Writing Prompt Journey * Awarded the Pride of Strathcona community award in Arts, Culture & History for our writers group, The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County, in 2011 * Awarded the Pride of Strathcona community award in Arts, Culture & History in 2012 for personal work in this category * Certificate in Article and Short Story Writing from Long Ridge Writers Group in the US  * Certificate of Participation in Writer’s Camp at Humber College, Toronto in 2004 * Effective Communications Certificate from Grant MacEwan College * Publisher of over 60 books and 5 years in business with Dream Write Publishing – a creative option for today’s writers to see their work in print.

Interests: Writing – all genres * art appreciation * travelling Alberta and driving in the mountains in my “Sunshine” Toyota FJ Cruiser * truck window photography * all things Shakespeare * coffee with close family members * sharing interests and good times with good friends * horses * spending time with my daughter watching favorite TV shows, drinking wine, or collaborating on work projects * drawing * computers * reading and having lots of books *

In one sentence, who am I? Linda J. Pedley is a writer who works her day job to pay the rent while dreaming of the things she could do if only she could just focus on the passion of creating and working page-deep in books every day.


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Interesting Interests


y relationship with words ranges from the very sound of them strung together with the noise that they make ringing in harmonization or orchestrated opposition; it involves the interconnected progression of words, sentences, paragraphs, and pages arranged in a manner that leads the reader from once upon a time to the end; or it simply allows me the freedom to develop a fascination with meanings – how words hit me or affect me based on what I feel about their meaning and the time in which they occur in my writing life.

                Developing this relationship with words and their meanings leads me to write word-rants on the occasion when a particular word pops into my mind with some blaring significance or emphasis based on life as it goes on around me or the events associated with that time. I welcome them as sign posts along my writing journey because it keeps me close to my passion for the written word and allows me to explore deeper meanings often connected with my heart, and even my very soul, and in any case, so much more than just the dictionary definition.      

                This is my interest – an important part of me – my life – and it is a necessity that enfolds me, contains me, amuses, bemuses, and simply provides me with fodder for interpreting, sharing, and recording my feelings. My overly emotional muse directs my ideas and I am but the vessel through which these words flow, from the creative world into a world of reality. And in the exploration of my interest come the very word and its implications, as I see it.

                The word  `interest`, to me, suggests with its variations and combinations something of greatness because it can hold our attention by creating a connection between you and something outside of you – it can range from a mere “like“ to a deep felt “passion“. Without interest, there really is nothing.

                Think of all the things you like – they interest you, they are interesting, they have a reciprocal interest in you even if it only means they draw your interest to them. People. Places. Things. Hobbies. Jobs. Without interests in one`s life, it`s like staring at a blank page with an awesome idea and no pen; or possessing a favorite novel without light to read by. And, just as limiting is a singular interest and the unthinkable – what if you are faced with a situation where you are unable to partake and pursue in the pleasure that single interest offers you. What occupies your mind, your time; what holds your interest then. Sometimes this can be enough to challenge a person`s very desire to live – and if this mindset takes hold, what hope is there to draw any interest in anything at all. An inability to indulge in your passion can pull a hope from anyone easily distracted by despair.

                My relationship with interests is full and bountiful, but I recommend the following in order to cultivate your own:

·         Narrow your interests so you aren`t stretched to just try so many things that you don`t develop a passion, or cultivate that which is innately a part of you. Discover natural talents for most certainly these are gifted passions.

·         Widen your narrowed interests. As a creative person, I eliminated all those crafty things that draw time away from what I really wanted to do. My focus within my interest was filed down to include a heavy emphasis on writing and to a lesser degree, all types of artwork. You don`t have to do everything, just because you can – unless in your youthful, energetic discovery stage you try everything, just to say you did.

·         Be interesting. Stay in the know, keep on learning, search out information useful to your area of interest and this will also provide subject matter to share.

·         Be interested. Interaction is an important part of your life and a meaningful relationship with others that enables you to share means also to receive their sharing.

It has been my experience that my triad – learn, share, create – encompasses all the aspects of my particular interest and this allows me the diversity to explore within that interest. It is wide enough to give me change but also narrow enough to let me focus on a defined structure. It is never too late to discover your passion and hone in on those interests that captivate and energize you.

The saddest thing is to be faced with the possibility of never being able to do what it is you love to do – if it`s your only interest – and in some cases, your whole life – the question soon becomes “what am I going to do“ and then how long can you survive with disinterest in everything else.            

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