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January 5, 2015 – 30 day Photo / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge

January 30-day Photography / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge

Day 5>> After Dark

Day 5 - 30 day challenge After Dark

The darkness can be your friend where you can hide from the bright lights that act as spotlights upon your every day move. Is the darkness a mask that conceals the truth? Our minds never turn off the memories. After dark, when other things around us slow down, recollections can be much brighter in our minds.


“When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see,
For all the day they view things unrespected;
But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee,
And darkly bright are bright in dark directed.
Then thou, whose shadow shadows doth make bright,
How would thy shadow’s form form happy show
To the clear day with thy much clearer light,
When to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so!
How would, I say, mine eyes be blessed made
By looking on thee in the living day,
When in dead night thy fair imperfect shade
Through heavy sleep on sightless eyes doth stay!
All days are nights to see till I see thee,
And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me. ”

~William Shakespeare


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January 2, 2015 – 30 day Photo / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge

January 30-day Photography / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge   

Day 2 >> What You Wore

It is amazing the places the mind goes…

I guess that is the purpose of a prompt – to take you places you might not have gone on your own. To inspire new insight, to remind, to force creative outlook, to spark imagination, to create consternation and wonderment… I really love the idea of the list created by someone to whom I have no connection. The randomness of the challenges will allow me to go beyond the usual and will most likely ignite a whole new perspective for 2015.

What you wore… it could mean so many things and to each person a different meaning. It also produces different effects depending upon the context of the statement. Point of view is a major concept in writing. Is the list speaking TO me? Or, am I reading it as if I am speaking of YOU, someone other than myself? It provided much food for thought over the course of the day and even though I am not going to get all uptight about “what am I going to write” … it did give me ideas as my mind ran the gamut of memories, but what could I take a picture of for the challenge? Depending on when… what I wore varied:

  • yellow knit bonnet and booties on the ride home – April 1957
  • pink leather lace up walking shoes when just a year and a half – 1958 (I still have these)
  • leg-warming leg-covering colored tights in elementary – 1963
  • orange fish net stockings and brown fake leather mini in junior high – 1969
  • white tennis dress in high school – 1972 (I still have this)
  • matchy matchy ski outfit on the mountain slopes in my 20s
  • Satin wedding dress for marriage #1 – 1984
  • Satin western outfit for marriage #2 – 1990 (I still have this… somewhere…)

So you see my dilemma. Of course, if we turn the phrase around and point it at YOU, well then the concept of YOU depends, too, on who YOU are. If I base it solely upon one aspect, again it depends on who YOU are:

  • A black leather jacket
  • A grey suit
  • A western hat and boots
  • A shirt and tie
  • A t-shirt and jeans…

Day 2 - 30 day challenge What You WoreJanuary 2nd continued on with the momentum of winter as the snow fell overnight and well into the day. Eventually the sun broke through and it looked inviting even though cool upon embrace. I ventured out to clear the snow from Sunshine and plowed out onto the Sherwood Park streets. Nothing keeps us home anymore – there is never too much snow or too little traction to keep the determined from outside action. You could tell the weather was colder with the sun’s rays reflecting “sun dogs” in the ice crystal laden air. Traffic was heavy, but it always is on a Friday afternoon. I wore my down filled jacket, warm winter boots, and ensured I had my new gloves and sunglasses with me. I was ready to make the day mine.

I recall lying in bed this morning thinking of the waning vacation days and decided coffee was in order so I didn’t sleep away my time off. My thoughts immediately go to all the things I didn’t do instead of thinking of what I did achieve and the memories I acquired over the holidays. It is just natural to think of it that way – I must get into the habit of doing otherwise.

Life is what you make it.


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Not a Bad Day

blogging wordleAs a writer, many moments surround me that have to do with words and the opportunity for expression exists even though I feel my own creative writing is not as frequent an event as I would like it to be – right now. Right now being a time when I am immersed in the promises and projects of my own publishing company while maintaining my full time employment status, balancing personal time and commitment with volunteer and public appearance. In addition to all these things – life goes on and I am still coming to grips with me and different feelings, processing my reaction to those emotions, and dealing with “how it is” since things have so dramatically and drastically changed. It is said time heals all and, although it is the catalyst enabling us to eventually move on – it does not hide, change, or even make things better. They are merely, different… The situation and all its affects remain constant to me even though the hurt is most often reduced to a dull ache; it is still there, always, reminding. Is that the pensive artist speaking? Or the lamenting poet bemusing? Is it the need to continually grasp that which makes me feel something since there are times when I feel nothing? I am yet unable to write the negative out of me… knowing that I must, in order to purge the inner infestation and ease my own healing. The days are roller coaster weeks of emotional and physical restraints, ups and downs, periods of calm and nothingness erupting into those of stress and tension.

 I recently experienced what I thought was “not a bad day” having felt no extremes of sadness or pain; it was a Monday and I embraced it, got up and ventured out into my work world. Then, having accomplished a productive day there I followed it up with attention to other business, and then I spent the latter part of the evening in relaxation and conversation. Imagine my surprise when my daughter countered my expression of “it was not a bad day today” with “why can’t it just be a good day?”

Why can’t it, I asked myself, perplexed with my own realization of how it was stated. We discussed the ramifications of declaring the negative over the positive. The only thing I knew for sure was it felt to be better than some days of late, having experience bad days. I feel that to have a “good day” might mean moving beyond that which I know does not truly exist for me. They are different days with some that are not as bad as others. Why can’t I declare it a good day? For the same reason I am not a “jump up and down exuberantly” happy person. I know I am allowed to feel good. I am entitled to be happy. I am willing to make changes, when and if I can… but I am also taking the time I need to move into that acceptance, allowance, and happiness. I am hopeful it exists in the future; in the meantime, I go on with “not a bad day” being those with the least amount of pain – emotional and physical.

 (I was, however, personally pleased and grateful with the offspring who exhibited beyond her years intelligence. She is truly my reason for being; as are my dearest and closest friends who give me reason and cause to smile.)   


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The Wedding of Winter

The last sliver of daylight slipped silent into the good night. The time was not yet right even though it fixed upon the earth a golden sand-like mirage and laid it like a shimmering slip cover over a desolate white land. A gilded aura fleetingly caressed every bony branch, embraced each high pine crest, and kissed the tangled webs of earth and sky as it engulfed nature with ethereal bed time comforts. As the studded heavens opened up to reveal their jeweled gifts, she smiled. The time was now drawing near.

Crystal took great care in making the headdress – for in the making there required consideration to all elements. It must portray the purity of new fallen snow upon an earth unmarked as a virgin presented to her mate on the wedding night; it must show the very beauty of her being with a single floral bloom, but not just for show, as it required also a magical quality; it must dazzle with light comparable to a million stars to shine the way into the darkness of their seasonal embrace. It was the longest night but the brightest start and it had to be perfect for the bride named Winter.

Meanwhile, Sphere put the finishing touches to the cakes – soft icing mounds white and sweet – cool to the tongue, a tasty treat. It was with great pleasure she sculpted them into peaks then placed them carefully on ice to last through even the most tempting of rays from a short day sun.

So it was that Winter came to wed the earth wearing shimmering white that sparkled silver diamonds in the moonlight with a halo of mistletoe interwoven with angle hair.  Her frosty breath upon the air whispered through the trees like flitting ghosts of silent prayer seeking night choirs, calling wolves to howl and prompting hoots of owl. The darkness reflected all her glory as she rivaled day with light so bright – a magnificent evening show. It was not that she did not like the hue of fading dusk or the shine of the celestial watcher of the day; rather, it was that she preferred moonlight silver to gold, velvet darkness to light, and she was proud to wear downy white to marry shortest day with the longest night.

Winter lay her frosty touch upon a sleeping earth with a chilling wedding promise.

Wedding of Winter


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Blogger Bits

A morning moon slips silently into the southwestern sky as the day begins its chilly sojourn. I am reminded of my usual thoughts that the sun merely teases us with its glowing good-day accolades, considering the accompanying wind chill warning forecast across the province today. It is a frosty Sunday morning – too early in most respects and not early enough in others – and although the warmth of the bed held me until seven, my words called to me, and I claimed the day for mine. Determined to write as many words as possible and work on some other standing projects, I rouse my muse. The floor is cold upon my feet.

The aromatic awakening of coffee filters from the kitchen as I plot my morning journey distracted only by the beauty of the night’s heralder slowly retreating for another day. The fading globe will soon be devoured by the horizon but gives in honorably as it succumbs to the magic of its daily rival. The moon is my watcher but I happily bid farewell, knowing that after a long day, it will return to greet me again in the night.

A short break to retrieve my favorite cobalt blue mug with my favorite vanilla flavored comfort takes me from the page for but a moment and, upon return, my writing day begins.

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Winter Solstice

December 21st – the shortest day of the year! Well, it’s not really any shorter as there are just as many hours as in any other day but there are fewer of those hours in daylight. The good thing about today other than it means winter is officially here – is that now the days will start to get longer again. Gradually but technically, they do. There was more snow today too, as if to make its point.

Snowflakes fall lightly - a beautiful sight to see.

It was an awesome day at work for this writer. We shared in a potluck lunch that brought together all  co-workers, much fun, food and many laughs. We also exchanged gifts in a “secret Santa” that had us all aglow just like little children waiting for the big guy to deliver. As very lucky employees, we also all got another gift courtesy of our employers – the condition of this exchange was that they could be “stolen” by the next one in line if they liked it that much and so chose to do so. It is there that I lost the cool glasses that I got in a heated exchange and ended up with a box of chocolates, and although they looked like they were good, expensive chocolates, I will re-gift them in light of my recent pact to eat less stuff that is not good for me. (p.s. don’t peg me a martyr yet for I have had my share of Christmas treats and will begin over to count calories in the near future…)

Do you love musicals? This is one told totally by singing...

After work I made a quick stop to say hi to Lynn and drop off a gift for a friend. Next on the list was some last-minute shopping and then I met the girls from work at Jan’s place to have a chat and a glass of wine before the show. We saw the sold out performance at Festival Place – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat… If you like musicals, can follow the story line given in tune and enjoy up-beat music and action, you will love this one. The performers did an awesome job – the young singers were so cute and I daresay, it was very colorful! I hear that the coat in the production is the actual one that Donny Osmond wore..

I was happy I could last through this long, busy day – and I’ll probably feel it tomorrow given the state my bones are in right at the moment. It was worth it, though, just to feel a little joy and share something more than just work, with the people you see everyday.

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