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Looking Forward

Being in the moment and appreciating every day comes with its own set of conditions, it seems. There is certainly the need for patience in waiting for what is to come and acceptance of what is happening now; there is a need to have action in the moment in order to fill a heart, mind, and body with productivity and purpose, all the while saving, planning, or even dreaming about the upcoming. It is easy to say that one needs to focus on the task at hand to put concentrated effort into that which needs to be done, that which is asked of you, or that which is required. Thankfully, it’s not all about chores and responsibilities, for and to others, but also about fulfilling our own needs – looking out for oneself and having dreams are good things. This is not selfish. It is life.

We talk about the little things and, even in my past posts, I commented on the “live in the moment” and reminders of the good in every day. As we live life, there are expectations and things we all look forward to… some things are good and exciting and the anticipation during the wait is almost too much. There are also those events, duties, and general stuff that needs to be taken care of so that the moments ahead are less stressful, less cumbersome, less emotionally and physically draining. I try to live in the moment each day. I try to remain focused on what I can do… not what I have to do (believe me, this is a difficult one with the “to do lists” I have compiled as of late) or the worrisome what we can’t or haven’t done.

Like most of you out there, I am anticipating and expectations cannot be ruled out. Everyone has them. I have a need to complete that which needs to be done without choice – for happiness and healing. I have an obligation to do things that have to be done – for every day comfort and general survival. There are also those things that are desired – for want, dream fulfillment, and personal betterment. So even though I try to live in the moment and focus my happiness on what’s at hand, with planning and schedules and expectations galore, I am always looking forward, too.

On this day, the 28th of February, a good portion of us in Alberta (and many places considering this year’s winter) are looking forward to spring. March brings with it a hint of that promise although today is biting cold (currently mid day it sits at -25, feels like -35). We can hope this lion quells its roar SOON and the lambs of spring bound into our lives. To get an idea of the range of my expectation, I am anticipating an awesome Friday night with someone I love which caters to building a future. On the other end of the scale, and if all things work out as contracted, exactly 3 weeks from today…  another chapter will close on the past which is a process required for my healing.

Focus on today – the sun shines in my life in many ways.

black horse winter

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Words and Eventually… A Movie Review

“We all make our choices in life; the hard thing to do is live with them.”
~ The Old Man (The Words, 2012)

I arrived home late afternoon with the winter sun already low enough to darken the January sky. It had been a beautiful day with sunshine and clear roads; I endeavored to complete the tasks I set out for myself. Later, as I parked the car and walked the course of the parking lot to my apartment, I focused on the reality of the day and how its eventual outcomes affected my own writing. I thought about how the day intertwined with my writing life, even though I was out and not at my key board writing. I thought about how others have an influence on me and how my journey is unique because it is mine.

The morning began by meeting with Dream Write Publishing author, George Campbell. Since publishing his book, Good Night Old Man, in late fall 2011, we have met several times to discuss the success of getting his words out there for others to read. George is not interested in the hype of book signings or extravagant parties or making large sums of money, although I am most certain he would not refuse the interview or a large cheque had I handed it to him. George will be 86 this year and his mind full of stories that would be lost if he did not commit them to paper. Sure, some of the facts may have been written before, but his story, the personalized George Campbell story, has not. He shared the idea for his next book and I am so looking forward to reading the anecdotes that go along with learning about a history I know nothing about.

WP_000528The next part of my day involved a peaceful drive along the Anthony Henday (it wasn’t rush hour, hence, peaceful) to highway 14 and then across the country roads to my mom’s property. I spend time on Saturdays going through old receipts and paperwork, shredding things I know she would like disposed of properly. I found a small diary today recording daily tasks from 1966 and 1967, the time we lived out on the farm near St. Albert up to and including the move to the house in Riverdale. Her entries encompassed the busy life of mother and wife, shopping, visiting family, and even recording times we were ill – apparently three of us kids got the chicken pox within the span of 2 weeks! I was 10 at the time. Her words shared her reality and although she did not outwardly aspire to be a writer, I am most grateful I inherited my creativity from her. She wrote profusely at times, but more so as a cathartic release than to humor an imaginative muse.

The evening proved quiet as I reflected upon my day. I knew I would write something but just what angle I hadn’t decided. Ideas shuffled back and forth through my mind ~ perhaps my novel, perhaps my kid’s book idea, perhaps…

I checked out the TV listings to see what was on – I am always swayed by Criminal Minds or a Special Victims Unit episode; my choice between NFL Playoffs and the Shaw Cable fireplace sent me to the VOD to check out the movies. Scrolling through I recognized some recent releases although none attracted until I read “The Words.” Yup, you’re a writer when this entices you! The synopsis caught my attention right quick: “A writer at the peak of his literary success discovers the steep price he must pay for stealing another man’s work.”

Talk about a writer’s reality! Really?

The movie begins with the introduction to the characters – middle-aged author telling his story about a young writer who steals, and rewrites word for word, another man’s story. He doesn’t really steal the words as in taking them from him, physically – but he chances upon them quite by accident. At the moment, I thought, what a wonderful find!  Something for an aspiring author to treasure and find inspiration in… The deception happens when he fails to right an obvious wrong when given the chance. You are drawn to the struggling writer and his inner turmoil as a scribe who has never quite measured up to the standards he believed should be his. You can see the emotion on his face as he receives accolades from his wife and we know he struggles with his own identity and what his journey as a writer really means.

The complication quickly sucks you into the life of each; flashing between the timelines and characters is a smooth transition. They are believable characters and the story grips you with true emotions of love, loss, anguish, indecision, and having to live with your choices and the inevitable consequences.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a passion for words. It was interesting to read afterward about some of the quirky inconsistencies in the filming of the movie; obviously, I was too absorbed in the plot to be distracted by them. Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons did an awesome job ~ I loved the conflict between the young writer and the old man.

The writer in the story deals with something we all seek – recognition for the words we write. Are they good enough? Will someone read them and feel as we do when we write them? When the old man says to Rory in the greenhouse scene that he should feel the pain associated with the words he chose to claim as his, it makes a bold statement of responsibility and truth. The story upon the page is inked in the creator’s blood.

Stealing someone’s words is, as the old man suggested, stealing someone’s life. The price of fame is not worth the lie but we all make our choices – living with them is the hard part.

"The Words" (2012) Movie Poster

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Sonnet V – Not of My Time

There was a time you were unknown to me

We walked our separate paths upon the earth

Then life presented chance discovery

and need displayed at face our meeting’s worth

Below the surface boiled submissive fire

Tempting us to warm to nature’s draw

You appeared despite your oath’s desire

Soothing o’er my wounds that still bled raw

As two forbid complete within one bed

Although our draw and writ would argue so

Brief encounters filled with cautious dread

Midnight hour tolled and soon must go

Not free to roam, you travel guarded way

Content with offered tryst, I’m held at bay

(c) Linda J. Pedley  (from Elizabethan Affair – soon to be released novel)

Victorian artist ~ William Powell Frith














Victorian Artist~ William Powell Frith ~ “Lovers” – 1855


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You Let Me Be

You let me be while things were so uncertain

Content to remain in the back ground until such time they turned around

You never let me forget that you were there when and if I needed you

and I would always need you – even though I did not say it aloud

You walked with me the fine line between need and want

without judgment as I chose from those things that would sooth or suit

You left your words of encouragement as brief notes – undemanding with

a care that permeated the heat of anger, the stealth of night, and the

weakness that dwells in the shadows waiting for me to fall

You offered support without exchange, without sound, without an

outstretched hand that takes but one that makes me steady

And when the time came to move past the things that kept me from you,

it was you who let me be the one to say hello, I’m back


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Life is a Breath of Fresh Words

Now, that I have discovered the path I am supposed to be taking, life begins to come together in leaps and bounds. It was always there just underfoot but sometimes the leaves of the season or the moss of time covered it – the mist from the rains and shadows of the night sheltered it from my view. Choices along the way take you from your main road and lead you to diversions that either occupy too much time or take very little, depending upon their reason for being. That is where our life experience and our learning happens – along life’s detours.

To search. To dream. To live. To learn – that is what we have to do to be able to accept the journey that is ours. We sometimes get caught up in thoughts of regret or indecision – thinking that we did the wrong thing or wishing for things and people and places that are not ours to have. It is in this process that, if we are lucky, we realize sooner than later what we are here for.

It is the same philosophy as the old adage: “If you love something, set it free. If it returns, it is yours; if it doesn’t, it never was.” I believe that my purpose is to write and in many ways, share the writing life with others whose journey crosses paths with mine. It is my hope that they run parallel for some distance, for I have found a wealth of fellowship and friendship in my writing friends, and in my family and close friends who have accepted the passion that I harbor. With their acceptance, I gain confidence yet remain humble in my thanks.

It is in my words that I live and stoke the fires of imagination and creativity. My words take me places and show me things, describe a life that lives within me – one that thrives even though I have not experienced it for real. If dreams do come true, then I am living mine for in my dreams there are stories about knights and the maidens they make love to; there are far off lands where horses run free and all children are safe; where the sun always shines and rainbows have an abundance of gold for everyone.

As writers, our words are like oxygen – we breath them and they give us life.


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