A New Year… A new direction?

Yes, I made another promise to get back to my blog and added a bunch of other things in with it…

I recall that I had a good run with posting when I combined my words with images (since photography is an additional passion) in January of 2016 or was it already way back in 2015??? Quite possibly the latter, as time has taken the fast track over the last few years. A New Year and a new direction can only mean things are moving forward and looking up! There is no going lower than the results of 2017 as so many of us were hit with bad fortune in one way or another. That’s life. Of course, we all know that, but to each there is a point of suffering and then a point of overwhelming pain. If I wrote the year in a novel with my protagonist gallantly solving each dire dilemma to come along – honestly, I would be accused of over-dramatizing – no one could endure so much, one thing after another. Well, yes… It is possible and, although I am not here to relive the hurt 2017 inflicted upon loved ones, I will say this: if the adage “whatever hurts you makes you stronger” rings true, then we all must be friggin’ super heroes! 

Enough about that. Don’t look back. Do not pass go. Do not take this with you as you move in that new direction into the New Year.

January 1st brought friendly fun around the house as Kelsey and Mandy and I shared the day with card games, a wonderful supper, and laughs. It is good to be around kind people who make a difference in many areas of your life. I am happy to have wonderful thoughts of also spending New Year’s Eve afternoon with Sylvia and Art – Kelsey and I enjoy their company so much. Again, friendly fun and conversation over coffee. Time spent with loved ones is the most important thing if one wants to infuse happiness into their life.

One of the good things from 2017 is a move in residence. Well, as good as a move can be when you have bad knees and can’t do near as much as you used to. Kelsey was a trooper, though – moving much of the stuff herself and enlisting the help of good friends to ease her work load. Thank you to dear Mandy for allowing us to share her new place – a new journey that allowed us to ring in the New Year in a new home.

So back to the promises – here you have my first blog of the year. It’s good to get back to writing although I almost shut down the computer without doing this first… habits are hard to break once they’ve taken hold. Although the company had its share of projects with reading and editing galore, I was not able to do much of my own work. The physical, emotional, and mental stress crowded out the creative side of me, for the most part. I still took photos. I still drew and colored whenever I had a quiet moment. I did some reading – just for the fun of it, and I realized in all this, my words do not leave me, they just sit quietly on the tip of my pen waiting for my efforts to materialize.

I have decided to take short walks (gathering steps as I progress) around the complex each day this month. Photos will result and, hopefully, inspiration for a daily blog will transpire with thoughts about the day. I cannot get it out of my head as I come and go from my new home the concise conformity of the community around me. It’s fenced in and with all its singularity I tongue-in-cheek label it “Stepford Village” – I am sure I will freak out when all the little garage doors go up and the one little car inside each building backs into the quiet street. No one can park in the visitor stalls although there are no visitors – we’ve seen 2 cars in them since we moved in a month ago… Anyway, I am sure the practicality of the move and the Village will grow on me as we are reminded we don’t have to do outside maintenance, thereby leaving us more time to focus on things we like to do – like writing.


Happy New Year to all. May 2018 bring health and happiness, peace and prosperity to you, your friends, and your family. Above all else, be kind to one another.

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2 thoughts on “A New Year… A new direction?

  1. I’m so glad your New Year was enjoyable, Linda. It’s nice to read your blogs again. A very heartfelt post, and as always, I love your photos!

    It looks like you have the perfect setup for companionship and creativity with Mandy and Kelsey. I hope 2018 goes much better for you than last year. With regard to “honestly, I would be accused of over-dramatizing – no one could endure so much, one thing after another. Well, yes… It is possible” – yes, it certainly is. Best wishes for the road ahead.

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