30 Day Photo-Word-Blog Challenge: continued…

Day 15 main image


30-Day Challenge

Day 15… Silhouette

I love to watch from my fourth floor apartment window as the sun slides past the horizon for another day. Its progression is slow, at first, with a bright show of rainbow colors bursting at the edges of the distant rooftops. The upper expanse of deep blue is amazing as it stretches into the great beyond. Then, as it always does at this time of year, the day disappears in short time leaving us to late afternoon darkness. The orange pop of streetlights against the darkening sky is a cool contrast.

Day 15 slide show image

30-Day Challenge 

Day 16… A Good Habit 

Day 16 - A Good Habit image

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3 thoughts on “30 Day Photo-Word-Blog Challenge: continued…

  1. Sharon

    I am so far behind on my 3o day writing — Yes, water is an undoubtable substance that we cannot live without. Your photos as always are beautiful!

  2. Your silhouette slide show is stunning! It goes to show that one doesn’t have to venture far in order to capture a beautiful picture – sometimes the perfect shot is right outside our doorstep (or balcony)!

    1. wildhorse33

      Thank you Bethany – there are so many “favorite” things, but “sunshine” in its many creative forms is certainly high on the list!

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