Eye … Cannot Live Without – Photo Blog Challenge


January 30-day Photography / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge

Eye Blog image January 14

Blog Challenge – Day 13 Cannot Live Without and Day 14 Eyes

This blog is not going to be long and involved

Thinking through options my challenge is solved

I went through the list of things that I love

I thought of all people near, far, and above

There was coffee, chocolate, and all comfort food

Wine, sunset, and roses to set romantic mood

There will always be words and writing no end

Sunshine, spring, and horses – no need to pretend

But imagine a world where you cannot see

Where things are to imagine what they might be

So when I thought about all without I cannot live

I am blessed for my eyes and the insight they give


3 thoughts on “Eye … Cannot Live Without – Photo Blog Challenge

  1. I remember one time a friend asked in conversation one of those hypothetical “would you have this or that: hearing or sight.” She could not live without being able to hear music and the sound of voices. Being an artist, I couldn’t imagine living without sight. It’s all in perspective and what you hold dear to your soul. We’ve had issues in our family with hearing and since I’ve lived with almost no hearing in my right ear since grade 2… I am hanging onto that which I covet.

  2. Sharon

    I did not know you had a hearing loss in one ear. it is a hard choic to make but I would never want to be blind! I do love music and sounds also and hope and pray I never have to choose! ox

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