January 4, 2015 – 30 day Photo / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge

January 30-day Photography / Blog Word / Freeing the Creative Spirit Challenge      

Day 4 >> Something Green

Day 4 - 30 day challenge Something Green

“It’s not easy being green…

Or so the frog lamented. Green is the color of the earth and environmental responsibility. Its reference to money has increased 20 fold over the years with the demise of the Canadian dollar bill. It is jealousy, and newness, and it’s raw and life-giving. Moving forward into the New Year, the Christmas lights are put away and the decorations packed for another year. The bow of sparkly green makes its final debut in my 30-day challenge – a close up on texture, light, reflection, and color.

Green… one could say this is my favorite color by the way I delight over things of green – especially shiny green things. I have always been a ‘blue’ person moving from turquoise to soft country blue to vibrant cobalt. But green is special… green is life. And just look at how the colors of cobalt blue and lime green make an amazing creative match!!

January 4th – Sunday… the last day of the holidays and it’s frickin’ forty below – there is no green to be seen anywhere under that layer of frosty white! To say the day was cold would be an understatement. It was bright and cloudless again, but too many deep breaths and one could freeze their lungs quite promptly. Exhaust billowed and hung ghostlike in the air. On a day like this it is especially nice to be close to those you love.

Life is always greener on your own side of the fence.


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