It’s been a while…

Celebrating 5 years on WordPress blog!
Celebrating 5 years on WordPress blog!

There is something to be said for consistency, commitment, and continuity!

Although at times I feel that I have neglected my commitment to this blog… with days on end and nary a word – it would be untrue to claim I have not written. Thousands of words have passed from my pen to paper and/or from keys to screen, but no matter the vehicle of creativity, the words come from heart, my mind, and my soul. There is always a calling to write – those of you who do know what I mean – it’s not something we can put off without feeling physically ill. Creativity and the written word are the greatest remedy for what ails me…

The five-year mark is an important milestone in any endeavor. The year 2009 brought forth many creative projects, not only in my own life with this blog, but within my writing circles. We created new publications, new groups, new ways to connect with the writers and word-lovers around us. Writing prompts “prompted” longer works and the following year a compilation anthology promoted the best from our group. Some of those prompts were short stories from which novellas were born. My first was published in 2012/2013 in EBook and print; the two follow-up installments are in proofreading in our Novel Workshop group and will be published by this fall. Look for A Journey of Truth and A Journey of Desires as Aaslan and Aisha continue their life after A Journey of Brothers.

I continued and continued and continued with my Shakespearean romance time travel novel – An Elizabethan Affair – holding it close as if a part of me might just collapse and disappear had I let it go too soon… Well, it is now on proof order and awaits beta reader input. It will be published this year! 

As in all achievements there are many who share in your joy, your passion, your ups and downs. So, at this time, thank you to you all – friends, family, fellow writers, co-conspirators in the great book of life. Enjoy the journey and write your story!


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