Day 5 – Back To It

Easter Long Weekend 2014 Blog Pictorial – continued…

The last day of a holiday is bittersweet. Driving away from the mountains is always something I regret… I watch them fade in the rear view mirror and I think… what am I doing? I feel like the wild one trailered and towed away from my freedom. I tried to make the day last but the time passed and miles fell away and soon I was back to it. Back to the everyday life – not that there’s anything wrong with my everyday life… it’s just busier, and noisier, and faster paced. My extra-long weekend didn’t depend on time or schedules; it wasn’t filled with noise or the unnecessary. And nature doesn’t work that way. When the sun was out, so was I. The quiet of a Sunday morning was prime for locating the reason for my journey. When my body was tired and the quest accomplished, I stayed in and rested. Today, I was showered and packed and on the road by 10:00 am. As I got closer to Edmonton, the “back to it” increased and the relaxing feelings of the weekend faded away with the return to rush hour traffic.

On the return trip I retraced most of my steps with a quick stop here and there, but mostly I kept to the beaten path and was back to the city by 4:00 pm. I picked up my keys and met Ray for a drink and supper to close out my day. I return to be with those I love, to resume my job and work my company, but forever in my memory and in my heart, I know there is something that no one or nothing can take away from me… my chance encounter to see the wild horses where they belong – free and unhindered. Always follow your dreams.


3 thoughts on “Day 5 – Back To It

  1. Leslie Johnson

    T’is always sad when a holiday ends. I know we have to be part of the ‘work-a-day’ world but it always seems unnatural to leave the freedom of nature. I’m glad the weekend was perfect for you. I enjoyed living it vicariously with you.

  2. Sharon

    So glad you enjoyed your weekend and it is now a memory stored on your ram that no one can ever take from you. We do need to follow our dreams and experience them. Nature is perfect! The horses beautiful and free. You so deserved the relaxing break!!! :)))))

    1. wildhorse33

      Good memories. Talking with a friend about that – you have to make them to have them and that means getting out there and being present in the moment with whomever you are with… or on your own. Thanks for reading and commenting, dear Sharon.

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