Chase Your Dream…Make It A Reality…

Timely and timeless – chasing dreams … synchronicity in the date and the day of this reblog!

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Touchstone – definition : 1) a black stone formally used to test the purity of gold and silver by the streak left on the stone when rubbed by the metal; 2) a test for judging something.

I came across this incredible quote this morning, it touches something deep inside. Our dreams can be so fragile but without them are we truly living? To pursue a dream gives us hope for the future but also gives our life purpose. If we do not strive for something what is the purpose of our lives?  I know this is a bit deep for a Tuesday, but its just how these quotes affected me.

Our journey through life is a series of lessons – some we would rather not learn at the time but later (sometimes much later!) we look back and realize without that experience we would not be the person we are…

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2 thoughts on “Chase Your Dream…Make It A Reality…

  1. PrincessBluepoet

    i I agree we all need to chase or follow our Dreams as that inspiration comes from deep within our souls. Our life experiences, some of which are not easy to get through are indeed a lesson and do indeed shape who we are. They also make us stronger!
    So True Linda!

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