Looking Forward

Being in the moment and appreciating every day comes with its own set of conditions, it seems. There is certainly the need for patience in waiting for what is to come and acceptance of what is happening now; there is a need to have action in the moment in order to fill a heart, mind, and body with productivity and purpose, all the while saving, planning, or even dreaming about the upcoming. It is easy to say that one needs to focus on the task at hand to put concentrated effort into that which needs to be done, that which is asked of you, or that which is required. Thankfully, it’s not all about chores and responsibilities, for and to others, but also about fulfilling our own needs – looking out for oneself and having dreams are good things. This is not selfish. It is life.

We talk about the little things and, even in my past posts, I commented on the “live in the moment” and reminders of the good in every day. As we live life, there are expectations and things we all look forward to… some things are good and exciting and the anticipation during the wait is almost too much. There are also those events, duties, and general stuff that needs to be taken care of so that the moments ahead are less stressful, less cumbersome, less emotionally and physically draining. I try to live in the moment each day. I try to remain focused on what I can do… not what I have to do (believe me, this is a difficult one with the “to do lists” I have compiled as of late) or the worrisome what we can’t or haven’t done.

Like most of you out there, I am anticipating and expectations cannot be ruled out. Everyone has them. I have a need to complete that which needs to be done without choice – for happiness and healing. I have an obligation to do things that have to be done – for every day comfort and general survival. There are also those things that are desired – for want, dream fulfillment, and personal betterment. So even though I try to live in the moment and focus my happiness on what’s at hand, with planning and schedules and expectations galore, I am always looking forward, too.

On this day, the 28th of February, a good portion of us in Alberta (and many places considering this year’s winter) are looking forward to spring. March brings with it a hint of that promise although today is biting cold (currently mid day it sits at -25, feels like -35). We can hope this lion quells its roar SOON and the lambs of spring bound into our lives. To get an idea of the range of my expectation, I am anticipating an awesome Friday night with someone I love which caters to building a future. On the other end of the scale, and if all things work out as contracted, exactly 3 weeks from today…  another chapter will close on the past which is a process required for my healing.

Focus on today – the sun shines in my life in many ways.

black horse winter
Source: Internet files – origin unknown.

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. We all have our in the moment wonders but future prospects can tempt us to look away on the present. Keeping focused is the key …but not always adhered to.
    Enjoy your moments and dreams whether now or in the future.
    I had a wonderful moment today when my daughter passed an exam with exceptional grades in a subject she struggles with constantly. It is cause to celebrate.

  2. wildhorse33

    Certainly something to keep in mind… things don’t have to be worldly or life shattering to be celebrated. It’s the things that are easy or little for some that are more difficult to achieve and, therefore, big accomplishments for others.

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