There is Good in Every Day

In my virtual travels I found an abundance of posts and sayings reminding the reader to appreciate what they have, to live in the moment… to appreciate the little things. One of the easiest put, and my favorite of the day, was: “…every day might not be good, but there is good in every day.” Most of us actually fail to recognize that just getting up each morning and living every day is a gift unto itself. It is hard to realize that to some the pain and suffering takes the pleasure out of even that simple task. For many of us, however, there is no pain until we complain and then we perceive it to be the worst thing in the world. No matter how positive we try to remain, negativity infiltrates in its many forms – regret, worry, sadness, displeasure, jealousy, and anger. It is easy to say “let the baggage go” but sometimes it is hard to do without losing a part of you in the process. Compliance, complacency, cooperation, acceptance, forgiveness… do these actions allow the negative to control who you are because you are modifying your true emotional response – tempering it, so to speak? Do we cooperate, are we compliant, do we accept and forgive just to make peace, keep order… appear agreeable? If you believe in Karma the ability to let go is, perhaps, easier to administer – what goes around comes around, true justice will happen in the end, even if we never know of its happening.  These random thoughts hit me as I think on the many reasons I have to smile. Yes, I have pain, I have been through ordeals, I deal with stress and full schedules… but I get up each morning and I have sunshine in my life. Even on a cloudy day, a wintry cold day, a dismally tiring day > my partner’s love, my daughter’s strength, my best friend’s support – all these things are the good I find in each day. What are your random thoughts on this – share them here with me. My Ray of Sunshine


5 thoughts on “There is Good in Every Day

  1. Leslie Johnson

    Great writing. My thoughts run the gamut, but the newest is to wake up remembering that life and living are miracles. Love and friendship are miracles. Faith and hope are miracles. I live a life of abundant miracles and seeing it that way allows me to be more grateful than if I see it all as ordinary. Thank you for stirring embers and giving us food for thought.

    1. wildhorse33

      It is a constant – this reminding oneself – due to the drawback of little disappointments and how they register in the brain, affecting heart and disposition. I only say because to put the good first means to disregard those little niggling feelings of woe… Out you go, little feelings of woe! There is sunshine in every day!

  2. Some days I am weary while others I feel enthused and full of energy. Friends and interests I love give my days meaning, and I am always thankful for finding this new life in Canada. My days can be over full with commitments but that is better than sitting alone with nothing to do. I promised myself a full life and so far I have attained it…

    1. wildhorse33

      I love that > “I promised myself a full life…” and that is a good promise to make good on. It provides fuel for our souls, thereby transferring into energy for our actions.

      I am happy you found Canada and we found friendship!

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