2014 = Green Wood Horse

2014 ~ Chinese New Year: January 31st

Zodiac color and animal sign: Green Wood Horse 

First day of animal year: February 4th

green wood horseOne month into the New Year recognized by Western culture, there sits a day heralded by nature and guided by the mystic realms of Eastern belief – Chinese New Year’s Day for 2014 is Friday, January 31st. It is celebrated on the New Moon, the second of which for the month of January falls on the 30th and is known as the Black Moon. Its recognition is similar to that of a Blue Moon, the second full moon to appear within a month, although most do not see it as it does not shine as bright or obvious. It is shadowed – new – signaling the beginning of the moon phases for the upcoming 29 day cycle. Under the animal sign of the Chinese Zodiac, this is the year of the Horse. Because of the number of representative animal figures needed through the rotation, elements and colors are also assigned – on February 4th, the first day of the animal year, 2014 is represented by a green wood horse.

There are many wood horses, as we might recall from our own childhood, possibly a prized rocking horse possession. Mine, however, was not green… it was black. The fabric was rough like burlap, with red vinyl trim – saddle, bridle, reins, and rockers. Horses have always been a passion, and it isn’t that I ever had one of my own. I was not raised around horses – my family did not have horses. Perhaps, owning one is not meant to be, but allowing them to run free over my very spirit, guides me and inspires me, as if spurring me on to my own freedom and dreams.

Trojan Wooden HorseThe most famous horse of wood is, of course, the Trojan horse in Greek mythology which carried within its belly Troy’s doom. Taken as a trophy, it proved to be the carrier of the city’s defeat, when Greeks spilled forth under cover of darkness to take Troy by surprise and win the war. I love the movie “Troy” where Sean Bean leads his men into Troy in the belly of the horse.

Other wood horses are carved as toys or they may be artifacts and antiques promoting our love and reverence for the dedicated animal, a magnificent beauty.

Now green broke horses, on the other hand, might be just as ominous as the Trojan to those who are inexperienced riders or afraid of the large animals. Having not completely finished their introduction to a rider on its back or bit into its mouth, they are considered partially trained and ready for more attention.

To be guided by the Year of the Horse is special to me because of my love for horses and my need to do as I please – “running wild and free.” My online moniker “wildhorse” is known to most who follow me and at 49 I had my own design – a horse head logo – tattooed on my left shoulder. The horse signifies my spirit and as a write I “free my creative spirit” every time through sharing my words. I was born under the sign of the Rooster in Chinese Zodiac and under the Ram astrological sign. It is said to be a good year for Roosters under the sign of the Horse, and my truth in leadership and independence reins in under the Ram. Together, I feel they will be a force to be reckoned with – in this, the Year of the Horse.


5 thoughts on “2014 = Green Wood Horse

    1. wildhorse33

      Thank you! The whole idea of my “freeing the creative spirit” was borne of that connection I have through my spirit and creativity to the wild horse. I hope they run free for a long time, and that we can write and create for a long time, too.

    1. wildhorse33

      Thank you for always reading and commenting, Leslie. I appreciate your kind words and it is my hope that my words attract not only other writers but readers, as well. Then again, connections to certain things allow for an increased inspiration, such as horses, men with swords or arrows, shiny things, to name a few… 🙂

  1. This is an interesting read, Linda. I like how you’ve brought together elements of astrology, history and personal experience to illustrate the significance of this particular animal year. I enjoyed learning more about your connections with “wildhorse” and “freeing the creative spirit!”

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