The Year of the Horse

aragorn on brego
No matter where your journey takes you, be true to your own spirit (Photo: LOTR)

On this first day of the new year, there is much to celebrate, much to be thankful for, and a tremendous journey ahead of which to partake. The celebration (if not overdosed in the literal sense on the eve of such a momentous occasion) should be in our hearts as we welcome this new beginning. Sure, there will be things we cannot control and events that will not be of our choosing, but as Garth Brooks sings, “…I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance.” Simple… pay no mind, just dance, and together we can navigate the hardships, hold close the friendships, and master the sails of our life as we steer through waters, stormy or calm.

Big ocean - little boat. (Photo Gary Iverson)
Big ocean – little boat. (Photo: Gary Iverson)

As you look back, give thanks for all that you have and all that you hold near – not material things – but the things you cannot measure in the physical sense, the people who are dear to you and play a part in your life’s journey as we play, or have played, a part in theirs – a reason, a season, a lifetime. Some lifetimes, we know, are all too short and the loss may burden us as we move forward. There is comfort in the fact that those who leave are never truly gone as we bring them with us – always – as part of our journey, they become a part of our history.

The journey lies beyond the horizon (Photo: Linda J. Pedley)

We must be thankful for our skills, our passions, our abilities. Appreciate the present – the gift is this new day. Treasure it and go on. Never forget where you came from – covet that in your heart and in your memories. The future is yours to take – make your own way, take your own road, be your own person, find happiness along the way… it is your journey, your story, your legacy.

I was not born in the year of the horse, but I am inspired by it. In fact, my year is not compatible with those born in the year of the horse. Regardless, I feel the spirit of the horse within as I embrace freedom, my own way, and the call of the wild, for the most part. My daughter would argue I have lost my sense of adventure and fear the things I cannot prevent. It is true I have grown cautious – in the physical sense… however, not in my mind, imagination, or dreams. They are bold. They are, at times, brazen. They are even brave when we consider all things. As I look forward to this new year, while trying to keep a focus on the present and a handle on the past, I know I follow my heart when I write. Look for more words in 2014 – I am, therefore, I write.

2014 happy new year banner



2 thoughts on “The Year of the Horse

  1. PrincessBluepoet

    Your words are so true Linda – the important things are not material but the people in our life – be they family or friends that we cherish! For sure I believe in the saying – A short time, a long time or a lifetime and have experienced that a few times on my life journey. Sometimes the short times is because they have gone to their heavanly home but also because it is a choice

  2. PrincessBluepoet

    they hurtfully made. I feel Chelsey will experience your cautiousness just as we all do , the longer we travel life’s road on our journey! I loe the Horse too!
    Well said!! Write on !

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