100/2 Hues of Pewter

The other day my daughter asked me if I liked her sweater. I said yes.

“But it’s grey… I’m not sure if I do,” she declared decidedly as she went off to change into something more “Kelsey.”

I didn’t understand why the change because it really did look good. I rather liked it. But, as I said, I like grey. I’m not sure why I like grey but it has always appealed to me in some way or another – perhaps, it is because of its subtle qualities; it’s a hue less oppressive than black and certainly of more substance than plain old white. It is silver in jewellery and pewter in decor. It is flannel in suits and dapple in horses. It doesn’t stand out. It’s rather common, sometimes dull, and could even be defined as lifeless. I guess it really depends upon what it is that’s grey – I certainly am not impressed with the strands that appear in my hair, more frequently now as I get older. It certainly is not an endearing color for our beautiful Alberta sky. Given it is moving into November, however, grey seems to be the shade of the day for weather. Grey moods are downers and they hit me, more often than I’d like to admit, but again, isn’t it much better to have a grey mood than a black one? Come to think of it, I am lucky my greys don’t morph into blackness, but then again, I’m not hit with many lately I would classify as white ones, either – if there is such a thing in a mood. Grey is the new blue – grey moods are sullen and overpowering and overwhelming like low hanging rain clouds on a Sunday afternoon.

Here I am jumping on the band wagon to declare my take on the many shades of grey – I admit there is nothing bright about wearing worn out clichés, despite how many millions they have raked in. Grey can be sky, color, and/or mood – it can change in the blink of an eye or the parting of the clouds. It can even be hidden, masked by the façade as apparent delight in life.

Since we can’t change the weather we have to do what we can… so when things look down and you are given to the grey, there’s nothing like a ten buck box of sunshine to lighten up your fifty shades.

grey skies


5 thoughts on “100/2 Hues of Pewter

  1. And yet there are numerous ‘shades’ with wonderful names. Cinereous, Platinum, Seal, Sable, Isabelline, Timberwolf, Cool, Charcoal, Cadet, Ash, Silver, Gunmetal, Battleship, Taupe and Slate.
    Infinitely more pleasing than ‘grey’. Find the shade, the shape within your grey that makes you happy.

    1. wildhorse33

      Very cool – I will do that! Thanks for the comment and I commend you on the awesome words choices… I think I really like cinereous or isabelline > who knew?

  2. I’m actually a fan of the color grey too. I liked all the different ways you described what grey can look like and where it can be seen. I used to despise grey skies when I lived in the north. Now I live in the sunshine state, and believe it or not, my mood actually lifts if the sky gets grey. I’m one of few people who likes change…strives for change, and having the same exact weather every day unnerves me after a while. Grey skies mean….finally, a change. I also prefer wearing silver or platinum jewelry over gold. Silver is very much like grey, with a sheen. Lovely words you wrote, as always.

  3. PrincessBluepoet

    Not sure why computers make me feel dark grey when they will not let me comment !!! I have always liked grey in preference to black as well. Silver jewellery is my choice always over gold for whatever reason and pewter angels or wings also resonate something inside of me! Think of these angels and wings and let them lift you upward when it is a dull grey “feelings” kind of day. I love the new terms Mandy mentioned like cinereous and Isabelline!
    To me grey is soft and cozy like an angora sweater! Lori is right about silver’s sheen – maybe that is why I am drawn to shades of grey.

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