September’s Passing

In a whirlwind of fresh fallen leaves, the month of September slipped silent as we turned another calendar page. It was not quiet in its passing for it was as busy as any fall has ever been ~ and as most will probably always be. So many events start anew with schedules in September often the starting point for programs, projects, activities, and unfortunately, the increasingly evident reminder of colder things to come. We are embraced by fleecy warmth, donned reluctantly from the back corners of our closets, pulled close in the morning and, perhaps by day’s end, a burden over our arm or slung over our shoulder. This diversity in temperature, with its range of highs and lows, leaves us guessing, hoping, pushing, resisting, and sometime fighting against the ailments of seasonal change. The waning light heralds travel home will soon be in darkness. Frosty nights have us scraping early morning windshields. Protective shoes replace the much loved sandal with socks finally seeing the light of day after a summer of drawer arrest. The glory that is September is nature’s beauty, our respite after summer’s heat – a reprive before winter’s chilling hold. September, with its changing shimmering colors and moderate climes, is Alberta’s golden goddess…

I was so busy with everything during the month, I neglected to share my equinox piece, but here is the link from last year’s post:

Fall Gold

(c) Photo by Linda J. Pedley (Glenwood Memorial Gardens #shpk)


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