The Other Knight

When he was third knight at the Camelot round table…

You’d not even know he was there

But when you hear his sad fable, oh woe, if you’re able

You will agree it’s not he… who’s the square.


Lady G.Lady G. was giving the “come hither” wink-wink…

But it happened in Sir Arthur’s castle.

King saw the blink ~ knave was thrown in the clink.

Oh, sweet love hath proved such a hassle!


The trumpets blared out and all heard the king shout

For his trusted second hand man

But make haste he did not. And King Arthur was hot.

No knight disobeys his command.


There ensued such a fight and if all things went right

The king would soon forget about him~

Such a conundrum… all marched to their own drum

Without resolution, the knight’s future looked dim.


Though tempers were flaring… Lady G. did the right thing

And from room she slipped out of sight.


Turned key on a ring… then with kiss fit for a king

She bade him go… make haste… now, take flight.


He held her close as he dared; her bravery praised

But, alas, moment and timing not right.

For her love he was crazed but problems it raised

And a daze never makes a smart knight.


So by the time t’was discovered that he was her lover

He was gone. Good – bye. Outta sight.

She wrote him love letters but he soon had to forget her

Good KnightBecause since then… he’s been a good knight…

© Linda J. Pedley


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