The Idea of Spring

WP_000524Oh, rejuvenation! Today is the first day of Spring and we rejoice to see a glimmer of seasonal change ahead – soon… sometime… maybe… These thoughts, this trepidation, comes from an Albertan whose love for this time of year is lost in “the idea of spring” with a mere calendar reminder, the written confirmation “first day of Spring” as if to assure me I am right. This, even as the weather network warns me in red of another Prairie Clipper approaching which will keep us in the wraps of winter for another bout of wind and snow. I think we just finished digging out from the other two storms that dumped on us last week. Reviewing the news, however, shows we are not alone as other areas brace for their own “idea of spring.” But it just feels that way to everyone here, well – most… okay, to me. Enough snow, already. The boot/shoe – light jacket/Arctic wear debate is leaving a pile of  exchanged clothing and footwear lying near the door, and its effects have a desperate demographic aching for the sunshine and clear roadways and sidewalks. The trees outside my window are already bowing to the windy arrival – the snow will follow later today…

Looking past the immediate situation is part of what I have been dealing with lately. It is part of what everyone deals with – life. How we modify our steps so we don’t miss the beautiful things up close while keeping our eye on the distant goal is part of that process. Beyond the snow and wintry blast on a wondrous first day of spring, is the knowledge that “this, too, shall pass.” It doesn’t make the immediate any more pleasurable. What it does is confirm there are brighter things on the horizon if we dare to dream, set goals, and strive to achieve that which we are meant to do. The bigger picture is all around us but the beauty of life lies right in front of us. We must remember not to overlook it by taking for granted it will always be there. It is easy to do – we assume closeness is a guarantee. Proximity has nothing to do with appreciation.

What lies between our hand and distant dream will shift and change. Despite what happens later today – it is the first day of Spring – even if it is just a fleeting idea at the moment… eventually, the snow will go away.


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