In Touch with Writing Reality

My words keep me in touch with reality despite the fact I like to write fiction. It is in creating these alternative realities we solidify a connection with words and other writers, we reach out to our readers, and we delve deep to discover our inner selves. When we pull from within we stir up memories, emotions, thoughts; our words become drenched in our creative spirit. Down there is a collective pool where we dig up experience in order to add authenticity to our words. We write what we know because we keep all this tucked in our learning cabinets until such time we require it and draw it forth. We hold our emotions here, too – as we have opportunity to use them in real life we sympathize or empathize through personal experience, applying it to our writing, fact or fiction. Our words reflect our reality. Our writing life is forever entwined with our life journey.


From somewhere in the vast unknown I know you are watching over us and although we feel like an empty abyss has opened up flooding us with overwhelming despair, it is our naivety that leads us to believe there is only darkness where you are. Perhaps, there is light and love as you find your new place within the next part of your journey. As I wrote today, and uploaded a new book, I thought of you. Although my accomplishments will always mean a great deal to me, it is with sadness that I accept the fact you will never hold them, read them, or say how much you liked them. No matter how many readers come to my blog – and I appreciate every one of them for they are a valued literary connection – I have to also accept that my number one fan will not return. Today, delayed realization finally set in and I could justify my inability to sleep well last night and identify the reason for my need to cocoon today. It has been 2 months to the day since you left us – we feel no less the loss your passing created and we love you all the more.


Small bits and pieces fall together into an eclectic mix. I finally completed a project that was ongoing for some time now, uploading the result as an Ebook on Smashwords. A Writer’s Life ~ My Ode to the Bard, is a collection of written pieces that offer suggestion and, hopefully, inspiration to fellow writers. Articles, poems, reviews and some photographs/illustrations featured in the book came to me over the course of a few years during the time I was searching for myself as a writer and discovering different aspects of the writer’s life. My greatest influence has been the connection I have with writing friends, the establishment of a successful writer’s group, and the acceptance of my craft as my journey. These are my thoughts and opinions and just to share them is a success ~ if it inspires just one new writer to seek their dream, it will achieve more than I could ever hope.


My writing is what helps me deal; it keeps me grounded; it fills me with hope ~ that is the reality of it.



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