The Passing and the Promise

Here is a New Year’s personification that addresses what we are so inclined to do – look back with regret instead of ahead with committed action. I wrote this short conversation for 2010 and it will never go out of style. Enjoy!

She met him at the door her smile sweet with eyes so bright they could light up the night like fireworks. Her name was Eve and she sealed many deals with just a kiss. Her offer held promise of a future yet he was uncertain this time. He was bringing with him “baggage” that he knew would soon be forgotten. It was going to take reflection and a lot of effort, again. He knew this to be true for he stood upon this threshold before. She was offering a life that would not be free from tears and pain – he knew there might be sorrow and heartache – he also knew there could be health and wealth and he might prosper. Going back, however, was not an option.

The midnight hour tolled and with it a promise of hope anew. Amidst the blushing cheer the passing was not without fear for they moved from the knowing into the unknown.

“But what about the past 12 months – was it all for nothing?”

“No – your journey is your own and the way to go is up to you. You have the same time as everyone else and what you choose to do with it… well, again, that’s up to you.  All you need to do is take it step by step – 12 months will take you forward.”

“I didn’t get a chance…”

Eve held up a hand to silence the protest.

“What’s done is done, my love. But fret not, for what was not may still be.”

“I meant to…”

Again, Eve motioned for silence and she smiled in an effort to lessen his concern.

“I know, everyone means to. It’s easy to reflect back and say you should have this or that. You must remember to always make an effort while in the moment. And if it was important enough to you, you would have.”

This did not completely comfort him for in his heart he knew he always meant well. It’s just that things have a way of getting away from you, or getting out of hand, or you become so overwhelmed that … doing nothing is the most you can achieve.

“Look ahead. You still have a chance to do the things you want to or need to, and the things you so desire.”

“Okay.  I promise…”

Eve shook her head.

“No. Do not make carefree promises that are gone as sure as the melting snow on a warm spring day. Take a serious look at what you want to do and make an effort to do it because you really want to. Choose to do it because it is your passion and not just because you think it is the fashion to do so.”

He knew she was right. He had heard it all before for he had argued it over and over with each passing year. The resolution is an empty promise wasted upon deaf ears if you do not follow through with a determined commitment for your own sake.

01/05/10©Linda Pedley

new years eve kiss


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