12-12-12 Musings

The date really has no significance to me other than the cool repetition of numbers and the realization that this date will never, ever appear again in our lifetime as it is most unlikely we, meaning the we collectively here on earth as of this date, won’t live to see 2112… Well, there are always those exceptions – newborns who live to be a hundred…

If we are to believe the prophecies of the past and it was more than the Mayans just running out of carving space, we have a matter of 10 days to get our lives lived. I am not going to make this post about “what would you do if…” but instead, I am going to use the 12-12-12 as a launching point for doing what I’d do despite it all – write.

There is no doubt to me my words are a soothing balm in my emotional state. There is also no doubt they come directly from my soul that emits an eternal desire to create while drenched in the spirit of those here, and those no longer with us. My spirit is my muse, therefore, those who hold a piece of my heart, become my muse’s essence and this encourages me to go forth in whatever manner I can muster.

Yesterday, my new day off from my job, I was overcome with an internal ill while at my office that festered early in the day, forcing me to consider canceling evening activities. I endured, making difficult calls and writing more final letters, taking care of paperwork in my mother’s affairs. I held out for an author appointment to pick up much awaited books. I rode the wave adnauseam – wondering if breaking would be failing. I hated the feeling and conceded with – I need to go home after at least making an appearance.

But, as with words, my writing friends are a comfort and a much needed source of medication – I am fine as a loner but the social interaction with my literary counterparts gives me the boost I need to continue. My malaise waned; I enjoyed my stay. I heard comforting assurances throughout from people who truly care. I heard this would be a “year of firsts” and the suggestion to find a way to remember over this coming year was a valuable offering from one dear member’s recent experience.

It will not be easy for me but I deeply appreciate the fact you are all “write” there with me…

splash in time


5 thoughts on “12-12-12 Musings

  1. I love what you said here Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it, as I will remember this for any losses that I am endure, and have already endured. My heart is still with you in your loss.

    1. wildhorse33

      Thank you Lori – your comments mean a lot to me. I appreciate that time will heal but words well placed have similar effect and will help me in the process.

  2. The quote I was speaking of didn’t show up in my reply. This is the quote I referred to, “My spirit is my muse, therefore, those who hold a piece of my heart, become my muse’s essence and this encourages me to go forth.”

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