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Today we have a special treat for wildhorse33’s blog – a guest post from a fellow author to celebrate the release of her book new book. As a part of the global writing community, it is cool to applaud the works of others. Hope you enjoy! Thank you, Jenny, for your post and good luck with your book.  You can find out more about her books and blog tour at: 


Religion has always played an interesting role in my life. My father was atheist, my mother was Zen Buddhist, we hung out with the Catholic nuns, I’ve attended a Southern Baptist church and one that was entirely Spanish-speaking, my brother was Episcopalian, I’ve studied with the Jehovah Witnesses, and have found the Mormons I know to be some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. So when it came to writing my first urban fantasy, angels and demons were hands down the supernatural beings I wanted to work with.

What happened next was a real surprise to me. My angel’s self-interest in reaching heaven made finding her redemption especially difficult, while my demon’s desire to be the salvation of his people, a selfless goal, was the loftier purpose for hunting the leader responsible for genocide. All of this came organically and it kept me riveted to the page to see what would happen next.

Normally I work with a fairly structured outline. I tend to write more confidently when I know where I’m going, but this time around, the road ahead appeared as I went and it takes a real leap of faith to just follow where it leads. I had some idea of what needed to happen but little else. This created an excitement that I hope the reader feels just as much when they immerse themselves in this world.

Thank you so much for allowing me to celebrate the release of Redemption with you!




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J.R. Turner is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Writers Association. She writes in a variety of genres including middle-grade adventures, young adult horror, romantic suspense, horror, military action, and urban fantasy. In her spare time she enjoys arts and crafts, traveling, and movies. Few things in life compare to her passion for the written word, except perhaps the pursuit of chocolate.

Redemption is available here:





3 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post – Jenny Turner

  1. Although my religious background is not quite as diverse as yours I did attend a convent for my primary school and at about 12 years of age asked my mother to explain all the religions. She was happy to do so from Jewish to catholic to mormon to gospel – we read & attended churches. It was a wonderful experience and gave me an incredible insight into the many religions. My writing is always ‘organic’ the story & characters leading me on a surprise journey so I can understand your excitement – that’s how I feel each time I write.
    Good luck with your book.

  2. Sharon

    My religious background is not as varied as yours either but my Mom was raised staunch Baptist and I was raised Protestant in the United Church. My dad was a Catholic and my sister turned Catholic when she married. I went with them to church a lot. I have had some experiences with the Pentacostal church as that is how my husband was raised. I have met few Mormans too who I have found to be great people. I am writing a book of poetry on my life hopefully as a legacy for my Grandchildren. I wish you Good Luck with your book!

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