What would you do…

There appears to be a reluctance to write and to share as evidenced by my lack of July blog posts. Rest assured, it is not due to a lack of words, but the better part of the month has been spent on reading others’ words and editing for upcoming book releases. I have also written a significant amount at work and although the social media tweets and comments and links have been plentiful, my posts have been remotely distant. At least, that’s how I am feeling them. I always want to offer encouragement through my work – but this month – I just really want to scream. That, of course, would do no good for loud words are not heard any better than softly spoken ones. In fact, silence often speaks loudest.

The month has its range from good to bad, with the good being extremely rewarding sliding into the depressive vast oasis of middling, right on to the other end of the scale tipping with heart breaking. When I think on the worst of the bad, I have to constantly remind myself of the words shared in a sibling moment… keep positive – that is what will defeat the bad. Positivity – I am shamed at times to remember these very words are offered by someone who suffered one of those very bad moments not that long ago.

Suffice it to say, that is the extent I am willing to go and hereinafter will keep my words positive even if I harbor deep within a distinct bitterness. The only place they will leave a bad taste is in my own mouth – they will not be said if they cannot ring with positivity.


Several articles and posts over the last couple of days have addressed the value of words; specifically writers who offer their words to the big world and lessen their value by giving them away for free. Now I am not opposed to donating a copy of your work, here and there, for the purposes of promoting or creating awareness about you as an author or your book as “the next best read.” The real centre of my disdain lies in the provision of books (ebooks in particular) for the ridiculous price of free. My short comment to this is: if you don’t value your work as a writer/author, how do you expect anyone else to find value in it? I’m not suggesting everything written is well written; I am certainly against overpricing and gouging the consumer to make a buck; there could even be an argument in there somewhere about every written work’s literary value, or lack thereof…

If you are only sitting there, day in and day out, plugging out cheap trash to a repetitive plot outline with only a change in the character’s names, perhaps free is where they should be. AND I am in no way targeting any one genre – all can be trash if not written well. BUT if you are just a new author and you don’t have a name, and think that giving away your book will build you that name… well, you need to rethink your logic. Don’t think that giving away your work is going to get you that name. It takes time – persistence and a willingness to continue to hone your craft, share your expertise, and create new work. It takes more than one book.  It takes building a reputation as a good writer and building a network of followers. It takes a positive attitude and image. Perhaps you have to revisit why you write.

The extremely proud moment of the month saw me publish my first ebook online. The other extreme which pales all other lows will not be gone with the close of a cover. At this moment in time, I wish I could be packaged and sold under the name of “Klondike”, for I feel as if I have sweet chocolaty goodness on the outside for everyone to see and “I scream” in the middle – no matter what I do.


2 thoughts on “What would you do…

  1. The low that won’t go with the close of a cover . . . As in perusing a book sale and a particular cover lures, but a word or two may discourage and that book is closed and left behind. Pages we will not turn, emotional barriers deflected, knowledge we do not need to know, the peace of mind to walk on in triumphant expectation. We keep writing.

  2. wildhorse33

    Thank you for your words Suzanne – we go on, we keep writing. With a community of fellow writers/friends to connect with we are assured of one thing always – support through compassion.

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