Calling For Love on the Solstice

Drawing from the Mother’s strength, Faylinn channeled the energy of the elements into her very being and with each breath she felt a little piece of anxiety fall away. Water: a cleanse ridding her body of impurities. Air: flooding her heart with life. Earth: grounding her despite flights of fantasy. Fire: burning with passion to consume.

She was ready. This day, long and born of promises of life anew, opened the doors to other worlds. The sun warmed her as she sat, eyes closed to the observations of the physical world, her heart open to the offerings of the earth. She felt the cool stone of the sacred bench beneath her; the air became very still as she sat within the arms of the garden. She was awash in the calming scent of lavender.

Your silence speaks loudly to me even though in the depths of my soul I know you are still out there. Without reason, without voice, without calling – I am left without doubt of your intent. Weave wonders for me to follow. To dream. To hope. To let go and to regret the undoing and the undone. I do not question your meaning for me in this lifetime and respect the one you have given me. Your silence speaks volumes to my heart and I succumb to you, alone, and with desire.

Faylinn was aware of the warm hand-like breeze that played at the sides of her face, the ends of her long dark hair, the bottom of her skirt. It encircled her as if arms held her close; a low whisper in her ear sent shivers down her body despite the heat. She opened her eyes.

He sat before her and she was not afraid. Although a grotesque leafy mask hid his features, piercing dark eyes were prominent amongst the green foliage and they watched her intently. A dark velvet cape hung from his shoulders draped casually over the arms of the magnificent oaken throne. Rock jewels of the earth encrusted the staff he held in one hand while the other scratched the scraggly bearded chin.

“You are not afraid.” He extended the end of the staff towards her, playfully lifting the hem of her skirt.

“No, I am not. I accept my fate in this world and if love is to abandon me, I put my faith in the hands of the Mother.”

“Ah. I see.” He stood before her; the heavy green cloak flowed away from him, revealing his weathered body. “Close your eyes.” She could feel his approach. His shadow fell upon her but it was as if thousands of small hands caressed her skin. Ready to accept the fates of the earth and the Greenman who stood before her, she relaxed expecting to be drawn into his will with all of nature’s creatures devouring her soul.

Instead, his lilting laughter sang out sweetly then faded from all sound; his last caress to her face left the warmth of the evening sun; the intoxicating scent of forest was replaced with the sweet smell of lavender. Faylinn opened her eyes and smiled.

Silently, she thanked the spirit of the woods and blessed the Mother’s gracious kindness, on this, the day of renewal. She knew in her heart her quest would be clear and if she truly put her trust in the elements of the earth all of her questions would be answered.  


5 thoughts on “Calling For Love on the Solstice

    1. wildhorse33

      Thank you Lori – happy you liked it and appreicate your comment! I have similar posts for spring, fall, and winter 🙂

  1. wildhorse33

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    Like friends who remain in our heart, it’s those timely written pieces we can call upon to repost at the appropriate times. From deep in the word archives, I pull this seasonal piece that speaks to the longest day of the year, the connection we have with nature, and our desire to be loved. Although a couple of weeks away, reposting it now will be the push I need to get my blogging boots back on. Enjoy!

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