Whirling Words

“My thoughts are whirled like a potter’s wheel.”

~William Shakespeare (‘Henry VI’, Part I, Act I, scene 5)


creativity at hand


 When I first came across this quote by Shakespeare, his words crossed my mind briefly in context to my own whirling thoughts and I mused, wow, now doesn’t that just say it all! But respect and reflection drew me to the actual meaning of the words in relation to his play, where whilst in the midst of battling factions, dying compatriots, tumultuous times befalling – Henry’s mind is overwrought and overwhelmed, to say the least.

I am reluctant to compare death and dying, dear Will, to my own mind and number in like-fashion all the deeds that must fall. Oh, yes, there is crowding and mayhem, pulling and pushing of thoughts, ideas, and things to be done, each with their own priority and urgency. I am reluctant to compare my writer’s mind to the battlefield of days long past, yet…

The quote brings to my mind a precariously balanced whirling plate, filled to the edges with a big lump of life to be molded, juggled and manhandled, pumped and kneaded. We go forth on our journey with goals in mind, keeping to daily task, all the while dreaming big. But what often begins as a festering, oozing dollop in the centre of that spinning mass soon becomes a thing of beauty, an accomplishment, a glistening treasure. It takes shape, is given depth and meaning, it has a use and is presented to the world to fill place of honor, whether decoration for the hearth or desire’s fulfillment for the heart.

The quote’s image brings to mind another Bardism, ‘these are but wild and whirling words’ and although more akin to the writer’s mind, we still may be slow to compare –  for these words are from Hamlet and the mind of another soul overwhelmed with angst and guilt…


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