Call to Conference – A Writers Conference, That is!

The premise of this post is based on the skeleton of a blog I did two years ago; however, I have changed most of the content, not only to reflect the current “state of affairs” but also to write prior to the conference, instead of after it’s all said and done. Perhaps, this will entice you to take part in our event if, by chance, you are in the vicinity. It will be a lovely affair and aptly titled: “For the Love of Writing.”

In our attempt to encourage free fall writing, our group rep Mandy posts weekly writing prompts. Once titled (and still available on the calendar of events), the Saturday Writing Prompt has now become the Weekly Writing Prompt, encouraging participants to use their creative inspiration at any time. The “Saturday” tag was misconstrued to mean that you could only write to that prompt on that particular day – not true! As with the now weekly prompt, we encourage our members and others to use the prompts whenever the muse strikes. The prompts are meant to engage our members and the public who visit our web site with topics and questions to challenge the imagination and spark new or renewed ideas. The interesting thing about these challenges is not in the prompts themselves (although, sometimes you wonder… where the heck did that come from?) but rather, the diversity of writing that follows. As a member of the WFSC, you are allowed access to the internal web site where  you can blog, post, and share your literary offerings.

The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County will hold their 2012 Writers Conference on Saturday, May 5th; the writing prompt posted back on in 2010 added the tease “you should be at the Conference”  but it was posted as it always is and many of us got back to it after the event was completed. The following question was the prompt for that week and I have tailored by response to what my 2012 answer would be… (to read past posts, follow the links on the right to April 2010):

“If you could invite anyone, author or not, to the conference who would it be? Why?”

When planning an event that involves several aspects of presentation and display, there are people you consider inviting who would add to the day either by their ability to draw or engage a crowd, or by the relationship they already have through past encounters. You also tend to, just by human nature, go off on an imaginary tour grabbing at farfetched ideas and dreams hoping that by some slim, whim of a chance a celebrity or awe-inspiring mentor might grace your roster.

Although my past comment indicated that I would love to have someone who inspires me as a writer attend a conference upon my invitation and I listed some who I would enjoy listening to… I feel we fulfill that mandate each and every time, with each and every presenter we invite – in all honesty, everyone should inspire you in some way – we can learn from everyone. At this point, our conferences are small in comparison based on attendance, but that doesn’t mean they are ineffective. Perhaps, they are more effective than larger events because you are able to connect on a more personal level with those around you – you can network, share, learn, and take away valuable industry and information.

The people who asked to present workshops at our Conference, are not just those who may have been available on that day, they are, more importantly, people who have a special place on our roster of writing friends. This year’s line-up is impressive and we not only welcome returning writing friend and presenter, Judy Schultz, but also add new workshop topics to be presented by Lynn Gagne-Webb, Anna Marie Sewell, Suzanne Burkett, and Gord Steinke.

Our trade and author displays showcase the diversity of support and talent within our literary network – artwork, books, inspirational writing, business, and organizations, bring their unique blend of products and services to the table. An artist, no matter their creative calling, adds their own spirit to the group who mingle with a single purpose in mind – to share their passion for creativity.

Participants who register to attend our event do so for various reasons. It may be to further their own knowledge and understanding of a topic and learn what they can from those who are experts in their field. A writer may be finding out about themselves and in discovering that, they discover others who share their passion. Mixing and mingling with like-minded people creates a bond. Strangers become friends. Groups encourage fellowship. Everyone becomes connected. Inspiration lies in the sharing.

Looking over the guest list – our committee, our members, our community, our leaders in council, organizations representative of industry, experts in the writing field, artists, authors, local businesses…. If I could invite anyone to the Conference, who would it be? I think we have everyone we need to make this Conference the success past years have proven it to be, so in advance, thank you for sharing the day and the passion for the written word.

(p.s. in the back of my mind, of course, I have a wish list – you know that far-fetched dream likened to a fantasy, often unspoken or held in secret (or not so secret) containment… – Viggo Mortensen? Poet, artist, photographer, actor, Renaissance man-extraordinaire! YOU have an open invitation. Maybe an influential Facebook or Twitter friend? Check out our posts on both! Oh, yes, and of course, William… but that’s really reaching ;)


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