April – wherefore art thou?

April – my precious month, the beginning of my own spring tides, bearer of my birth. Where have you gone in such a rush? It is not like you will be forgotten, passing into the calendar abyss without renown or reward, but do you have to go so fast? Don’t you know you are my favorite month as you are the time of year I came upon this earth and then as if returning the gift, I presented to you my own offspring to herald the very first day of you? If I write nothing else to post here, it would be to proclaim all the glory that you offer me each year, however fleeting, however quick.

Yes, spring arrives in the waning weeks of March but it is April I connect to; Aries I am borne of… and spring anew is welcomed with open arms each year. There is uncertainty in the time even with all the future holds, so close to grasping summer’s warmth… yet within reach of the cold hold winter still tries to lay claim. You packed surprises with a punch this year as snow fell, blizzards hit, rain and hail and lightning – yet there was sunshine, too, as if to ease the passing of any final winter wares. I celebrated with friends and family as yet another year turned forward and I beam with pride as my daughter continues to mature and grow into a most wonderful human being.

Work keeps me grounded yet my dreams continue to soar as my own publishing business increases in popularity and project. I revel in the marvel of books and the stories authors share. I am honored to help contain those words within personalized covers that will forever house their creative works. April, you will be a banner month for Dream Write Publishing and I would expect the rest of the year will follow suit influenced by your lead.

With all that keeps one busy during the normal course of a day, my days are filled past normal work hours to include my investment of time and expertise to a growing business; I remain overly active in the workings of the local writers group and foundation; events for each of these entities fill weekends and evenings with planning and presentation, and although tiring and taxing upon this body, outcomes are undoubtedly profitable and pleasant.

I have been presented with many profound opportunities and awarded recognition for my efforts – I am deeply humbled and appreciative of all I have to claim. April in all your newness, you bring rejuvenation to a soul wrapped to guard against winter’s chill, and though I hesitantly shed those protective layers as days grow longer and warmer, I thankfully welcome with open arms what is yet to come.

It is almost good-bye April – I will await your visit next year.

Here are some fun April activities involving me and my passions:

http://www.renajtraxelblog.com/2012/04/s-is-for-sonnet.html?spref=fb my interview on Rena J. Traxel’s blog “On the Way to Somewhere” – Rena covered National Poetry Month with tributes to poets and poetry styles using the alphabet. I was excited to be a part of this with “S” for sonnet…

http://www.worldshakespearefestival.org.uk/ Oh, William – you look and sound wonderful for 448 years!! You will always have my heart. Be warned – the site is very, very vibrant in color! (I know I shouldn’t use very, but using two, does that cancel them out, out brief candle … that is the question…)

Planning for the upcoming Writers Foundation of Strathcona County Conference well underway and we have an amazing line-up and outstanding support!  http://www.wfscsherwoodpark.com/fp/2012-writers-conference-saturday-may-5th

It was fun participating in the 6th Annual Evening of Poetry on Friday the 13th at the Strathcona County Library – how lucky! I have only missed one event of the six and I not only love listening to the different poets invited as guest readers, I am pleased to share a couple of my poems during the open mic session – this year I shared along with a free verse poem called “Begging” … the sonnet featured in the blog post above, and this one:  https://wildhorse33.wordpress.com/2012/03/24/metamorphosis-of-a-poem/

The recipients are not yet posted on the County’s web site, but I was nominated for this award to be given out on June 11th in a celebration at Festival Place in the category Professional Development: http://www.strathcona.ab.ca/departments/Communications/pride-of-strathcona-awards.aspx  I have the official letter from the Mayor’s office and I am honored to be chosen for this award. I thank (over and over) my colleagues and writing friends for their letters of support (and Mandy for spearheading the application!) Now, if I can get through the acceptance speech without blubbering…

I am attending on behalf of my employer the Alberta Community and Cooperatives Association AGM in Red Deer to participate in the meeting and cooperative discussions. I represent the AFREA on the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC 2012) planning committee at the provincial level, working down through the communications and grassroots committees, to being a proud part of the local Strathcona County Co-ops Cluster group. Creating awareness of the cooperative business model is our mandate – providing educational/leadership opportunities to young co-op members or members-to-be.                                          



I will wrap up April with other office, work, company, home, family and friend duties and pleasures – but also with a supper at the Morse Telegraph Club annual meeting. I am attending on behalf of my author George Campbell who wrote “Good Night Old Man” and created a stir across Canada and US with his book. It has been well received and written about in many papers; check out this book review:                                                           http://groups.yahoo.com/group/techbooks/message/882



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