Sunshine Award

I blog because I love to write. As a writer I have come to the realization over time and while on my continued journey, that sharing this writer’s life is so much more fun when we discover others out there who also share our passion.


I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to for the nomination and her colorful, wondrous sense of appreciation. The connections we make with our words allow us to make a forward motion in our writing and strengthen our ties to the blogging community. Thank you for connecting.

Now, on to answering those Sunshiny questions as a part of the award.

Favorite colors: cobalt blue and lime green – they are vibrant together

Favorite animal: horse

Favorite number: 3, 33

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: vanilla latte or Matcha green tea latte

Prefer Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

My Passion: writing with intent to learn, share, and create – always… and publishing, where I promote others’ words and provide them with support and appreciation.

Prefer getting or giving presents: I love to give of my time and expertise but I also love receiving something so special from someone dear that it can only be for me 

Favorite Pattern: the variation between light and dark when the sun hits the trees and lays patterns on fresh snow; the movement of water reflecting light and color from a single drop outward; the loops of letters and links of ink in a handwritten poem.

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Flower: first daffodils of spring or daisies in my mother’s garden

I love the chance to meet new online friends through my blog, my posts (Facebook and twitter) and with my comments when I find time to visit. I hope my words continue to draw your attention and as always, I will be considerate in their presentation and honest in their delivery. They are from my heart and therefore a part of my soul.

I would like to share/nominate the following blog :

Mandy Eve-Barnett –


One thought on “Appreciation

  1. You are my inspiration as I have said many times over – your own writing is wonderous and your unwavering support of others knows no bounds. I count myself lucky to call you friend.

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