February 29th

It’s hard to find focus on anything work related today. Is it the fact that this day is ‘extra’ and there is a desire to do more than just what you’d do on any given day? I guess it doesn’t work that way and in my own time I will get back to doing what I am supposed to be doing. Right now, I’m consumed with this day and thoughts of the month ahead with its seasonal shift to warmth and growth, rejuvenation abound. And is it any wonder our minds wander given today is colder and we’ve been spoiled with this year of unseasonal winter? Today began in a foggy veil with frosty layers and cloudy breath, so really, who’s not going place their wayward thoughts on spring? It is said that if you dwell in the past and focus too hard on the future, you will miss the present. True – but when the yearning for spring encourages new thoughts and opens up opportunity, in my mind, this equates to cultivating ideas and not wasting time.

For the moment, I digress and focus on the words mulling about in my head. As I listen to my muse, the suggestion is clear that today is ripe for another blog although I am not sure in what direction I am headed. Listen with your heart, not your head, and the words will come swift and meaningful. They live and breathe inside, much like a fetus – taking nourishment from the host until filled with enough of its own substance they make their way into the world. Our newborn prose slides quietly received to the blank page in a hush even though the intent may be to scream at our readers once they hit the light of day. Or could it be the quiet reverie of inspiration forces us to take note, instead. Whatever the intent of your message, your words are planted upon the earth to grow with each reading, every exposure, and with all the encouragement and judgment afforded to them.  

Just my random thoughts on this Leap Year day…


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