My Own Food for Thought

Or… Aptly subtitled – A short blog post to get me thinking of that longer blog post…

Of late, I would have to liken my blog posts to the simmering of a hearty soup – each time I get an inkling I need to write a blog, content and ideas stew in my mind, mixing and bumping into all the other stuff up there until such time it gathers enough sauce and season of its own to be released onto paper. The only reason I feel it happens in this manner is the fact there are so many other things I have to get done and, although I consider my blogs an important part of my writing journey, they are sometimes given a back seat to other important matters – write or not. But that creative steam is like an assurance or a reminder of something that must be checked and something that must be done. If I could sit and write every day, all the time, the marinating of ideas would not be so long a process as it sometimes seems. Fountain and flow have everything to do with composition and that is why the best advice we can share is “if you want to be a writer, just write…” It gets easier, the more you do it. To me, it even gets easier, in the moment, as I write; the more words I let loose on the page in one sitting without the need to stop and over think the whole creative process, the better it ends up. I still have a tendency to review it negatively – it sounded so much better upstairs – I just have to remind myself that everything is not going to be earth shattering, mind-blowing, or debate discussion inspired…  it might simply be my own food for thought.


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