Bringing Back Writing Memories

The title, “Bringing Back Writing Memories”, refers to the fact that prompts not only encourage new writing but they remind of us places we have been before with our words. I have so much on my plate that at times I am overwhelmed – that, however, does not discourage me from moving on and doing things as they come up. It also does discourage me from recalling projects done and sent and still not complete in a sense that nothing ever came to fruition from them. This prompt brought back those reminders from a screenplay I wrote, sent out, and have now sat on for a few years. It will be time to review it, rewrite it and make it bettter and try again. Why? I have come so far in my writing and ability to devise scenes and characters that I want to ensure this one will have the attention it deserves, too. It was my first screenplay written after I self-studied books written by screenplay greats. The challenge in this writing is to create a scene, an image, emotion, direction… in few words. This particular scene I share is the closing of page 10 – that 10 minutes into the movie where it makes a difference. In screenwriting 1 page = 1 minute… some pages are all action, some are all dialogue, but they work together to that average. Note:***(quotation marks where Lois speaks are added here to show speech – they are not used in screenplays… formatting sets it apart, something I have not strictly adhered to in this sample…tabs don’t work in a web site 🙂


Lois stumbles as she makes her way down the hall. She leans unconcerned against the dirty wall. She starts at the sound of a BABY CRYING. She covers her ears and tries to block out the sound. It echoes in her head as she hurriedly makes her way to a door with no number.

Inside, she sits on the edge of abed and looks at the pills she has clenched in her hand. She lifts the mattress and stuffs them underneath where there is a pile of others.

She lies back on the bed but the sound of the BABY’S CRYING is still heard from down the corridor. Muffled but loud enough for her to hear it. Tears run down her cheeks unchecked as she sits again.


“Try as they might to make me forget you, I promise my little one,  one day I will find you. I will let you know exactly what your father is and I will apologize to you for what your mother was forced to become… I only do it for your benefit. Someday… I will leave here…”

(noise outside door in hallway)

“…someday I will find you and let you know.”


“I promise.”


FADE OUT as door opens.

(c) Linda J. Pedley  “Celebrity Stalker”


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