Writing Real

The 3rd week into the New Year proved to be an eventful one in many respects. The week passed for everyone in my area of the world as the coldest one this winter and with some accompanying snow just to confirm for all of us – this is winter in Alberta. Mid-month stormed in with a fury as temperatures plummeted and things froze up. And even though my own mobility was hampered by this inconvenience, it amazed me how calmly I took the set-back and want to thank those who contributed to my ability to get to where I needed to go during all this. As the sun shines today, things are on the plus side of zero and all appears to be running as it should.

It is such calmness that encourages and comforts me as I view the contents of the plate before me – I am all too aware of deadlines, upcoming events, and the need to complete projects and move forward. It doesn’t seem to concern me yet I do realize the need for time management and the necessity of planning for an optimal outcome in all this craziness. Feelings ran the gamut this week if one were to be cliché in expression. Along with humbled and honored, I felt the force of not only weather but also the wondrous ability of the people in my life to accept limitations and encourage growth, face change and speak will all honesty. There was a tease, a test, a temptation; health, hope, happiness; seriousness, sincerity, socialization, seclusion; dependence, determination, detriment; acceptance, assurance, and so much more. If we look back over the week and take stock of all that happened, we will realize the plethora of ponderings to which we lay claim.

For a writer real life interactions and personal feelings are what fuel writing and bring emotion to the scenes and characters we portray on the page. It’s not just writing what you know; it’s writing what you feel. We all have the potential of creating powerful images through our words and we may even end up displaying our own self in the process, but that is what writing is all about. It does not matter whether you are pouring your heart out in a poem, writing to attract an audience with your blog, or creating a novel grounded in a universal reality of life. As writers, we are passionate about the words we write and there can never be a more grounded connection to our words than those expressed through the experience of real circumstances. Real situations that we live through and feel and deal with… we connect with our readers on a human level if our words express our true feelings.

Our relationship with words ranges from the deep soul-searching type to the superficial kind thrown off the cuff with a blaze of bold keystrokes. Those words are a part of us and as we release them to the world they become a part of a greater being, one that lives on forever in the minds, and possibly the hearts, of our readers.


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