NOT Buried Under the Snow

In checking out my blog archives, I came across this partial post saved as a draft. At first, I wondered why I didn’t post it… but given the tone, I can probably assume the why by knowing how that year ended up compared to 2011 that just assumed passing. I thought I’d revive it by using the content as fodder for my first blog discussion of the New Year and as a comparative as I reflect, just a little.

It read:

“It’s the middle of December and I’m tired and lacking in the festive spirit with no real panic setting in despite not having any shopping done to speak of… It is, however, the kind of thing that is closely related to the ‘no money to speak of.’  This is something, I’ll have to admit, is nothing new and plagues me as an ongoing problem/issue/fault. It seems that when I get a couple of dollars ahead of the bills, a new reason to spend it crops up, or I move…

“I can say though, with some verbosity, that words have not been as scarce and I appreciate the investment my muse placed in me. Oh, I write about ‘not being able to write’ but really, this is not the case – it is making time and just giving it the time it needs that is the real concern – if we approach the ‘problem’ with honesty. My piece shared at my writer’s Christmas party lamented the challenges and stress of coming up with something new and exciting, laced with an attempt at humorous cheer and seasonal emotions. It was how I was feeling at that moment even though just weeks before I was immersed in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and the words came as water from a spring fed well…”

Those who know me will laugh to themselves, thinking ‘nothing’s changed,’ but in all sincerity… so much has changed. The first obvious difference from last year (actually, the last two years) is that no one is seriously ill. The family got together this year to celebrate at my sister’s on Christmas Eve and it was a most enjoyable time. Another obvious difference is that we are most certainly not buried under the snow we had last year, thank goodness! I know Kelsey will echo that sentiment having been hired onto the crew of a landscaping business and winter is snow removal. Being able to drive anywhere during the month of December was a welcome change. Money was not too much of an issue this year although I am not in any way financially sounder than year’s past. There is no special significant other to spend nights with…

The positive feelings about this new year have to do with the way things have worked out for my business and the ongoing support I receive from family, friends, and industry colleagues. My writing journey, as many of you know, now involves not only creating my own words but also promoting and helping to publish the words of others. It has been gratifying, to say the least, to work in this capacity. Considering the number of inquiries and discussions I have already had leading up to the New Year, 2012 looks to be following in the same wonderful footsteps as 2011.

Our writers group also achieved recognition and passed milestones including the award of Pride of Strathcona in the Arts & Culture category, and the 10 year celebration of our Writers Circle with the launch of a book (From a Solitary Drop – The History of the Strathcona County Writers Circle 2001 – 2011) published by my company, Dream Write Publishing.

Personally, I continue my blogging, albeit a bit sparse in comparison to previous years; I administer several web sites by updating content and posts; I sporadically write Saturday Writing Prompts on our writer’s web site; I finished the first draft of the novel Power Struggle; I finished the first draft of the novella A Journey of Brothers; I wrote another 30,000 on my current novel project An Elizabethan Affair. I was warned to stay away from National Novel Writing Month but didn’t listen and this year fell short in completing the monthly goal for November, however, am working to surpass that expectation by the end of January. I have worked with my wonderful writing friends on projects, conferences, meetings, book publishing, and so much more.

My company post suggested we remember what we wrote; reminisce a little about what we didn’t but move on to dream a lot and write what we are supposed to write. As I look forward to 2012, I am encouraged and elated by the potential that exists, not only for me but for others who I know and those I will come to know over the course of this journey. There will always be something we don’t have or something we didn’t do, but that only makes trying all the more rewarding.

Dream big. Achieve a little at a time and always move forward. Although cliché, it is important to remember that there is always a way where there is a will. This year, make it your mantra to say…

“I will.”


One thought on “NOT Buried Under the Snow

  1. What many people willl not know is that you are an incredible mentor and inspiration to those around you. You are constantly working extremely long hours after you have already put in a full day’s work! It is this dedication that has made your company so successful and every one of your authors is very appreciative of all you do for them.
    I have had the pleasure of reading and hearing your words and marvel at your use of language and your muse is certainly creative.
    May your words continue to flow in 2012

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