Christmas Sharing

My Christmas sharing piece is reflective…

My lack of anxiety in writing this inspires me…

My writing is, therefore, relaxed, introspective, and inspired…

This year, there is no internal anxiety or push to get “something” written just for the sake of writing. I will admit, over the course of a few desperate days, there were visions of dried out sugar plums dancing in my head as the time wore on and opportunity grew short. It behooves me to report there is no catchy ditty to tempt your ear or polished poignant prose to elicit a tear. There is no directive to save the world or feed all the children however appropriate in the bigger scope of things this might be… There is no attempt to occupy your mind with outrageous demands claiming you listen and make change, whether warranted or not. No. There is but a short piece to share my views and feelings of the past year. It was simply as if my muse knew what I would want and would allow it to come to me when it was needed. Despite the free range this piece could attain, there are merely a few highlights I would like to touch on, as I direct my creative spirit into the realm of logical musings. Take heed of that magic, for these few points have been the mainstay of my writing year:

Friends… Here we are at our annual gathering to celebrate the holiday season with writing and fellowship – for me, there is no better combination because holidays are a time to bring together family and friends, feast and festivity. This party is not like others; for it is something that also celebrates a passion and a connection we all know and feel as writers. Unlike most obligatory work-related or family events, I look forward to this gathering as I do any writing-related meeting and although it is social in its purpose, there is no greater gift than the association I have with my writing friends. In fact, many of the friendships I hold dear to my heart, have developed from this very fellowship and those who are intended to be lifelong friends will remain so – within and without the writing circle.

Words… Whoever they are, they say you should write what you know. Well, what I know is that there have been no lack of words for me this year, no matter the topic or my level of expertise. I believe a writer can write many things “they know” because there is no end to a writer’s experience (past, present, imaginative, or ongoing) or the ability to continue learning. Several of my works sit awaiting final edit or additional input – they are my words and they are important to me and will become published works in the upcoming months. And while on the topic of words – I must admit – there have been times this year when I was at a loss for words, too. It is my belief, that if we do what we love and be who we truly are, we exist without expectation of reward or accolade. I must thank all the powers that be, for the year has been gracious in its heartfelt gratitude and acceptance as I have personally, professionally, publicly and privately received some of the kindest, most wondrous words ever from numerous sources. Those words will live on inside me and drive me to do more of what I love to do.

Deadlines… I have encountered a few over the past several months and the rush to meet them garnered some late nights – okay, early mornings. But, all said and done, I wouldn’t change a thing for it propelled me toward achieving the goals and dreams I hold dear. Meeting that auspicious date with a submission is part of the writing life, part of the publishing industry, and a formidable catalyst for the passion of writing. Now, as I stare down the end of the year with but a few dwindling days, I know there will be no end to the madness that lives within and embrace that expectation.

Commitments… I have many I will admit, but try to own up to the responsibility attached to each and every one of them, to the best of my ability, in whatever capacity I am allowed. In keeping those commitments, I am not only fulfilling my obligation to do so but I am finding my purpose here on earth. This year saw celebration for the accomplishments of friends and of our wonderful writing group; it saw success for my own business and that of others; it had hope and, in general, happiness. It had its conflict and hard decisions, too, for nothing would be worth the effort if it were easy. I stopped wearing a watch somewhere along the way and although I am frequently late, I am privileged and honored to arrive as I should to be a part of the journey. 

Friends, Words, Deadlines, Commitments… It would appear there is no rest for the driven but these four components comprise part of the substance of my writing life and contribute to the person I am and the accomplishments I am destined to achieve. There is no greater reward for me than to be able to say I doing what I am supposed to be doing and all is “write” with my world.  

So with all and without, I wish you the merriest of Christmas’s and happiest of all New Years, and I will close with a quote by Henry S. Haskins:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to that which lies within us.”


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