Limits? Show me the sign…

In a recent post to my Facebook status, I quoted my auspicious Aries horoscope forecast that so knowingly cautioned me of my habit of ‘doing too much’ and proceeded to claim that I do not know my own limits. Me? Really? My tongue in cheek lol and snappy comeback muffled amid cavernous yawns, says it all – I know. I know…  I do way too much when it comes to work, stacking in amongst the have-to-do and need-to-do, the things I truly enjoy and want-to-do. But is that need to overdo my nature and my destiny or is it my need to compensate for something that may be lacking.

My recent schedule has forced my hand at times with late nights, long hours, and solitary concentrated efforts – necessary in order to fill those promises I have made, not only to myself, but more importantly, to those who have entrusted me with their words. I believe that as a writer I have a more personal connection with other writers when I put on my publisher hat. I KNOW what goes into the process and it is more than just technicalities – it is your heart and soul. Words are like our babies and we all know how a mother defends its young.

This connection is where I draw my greatest pleasure because it adds to my own accomplishment every time a new author, or returning author, decides to publish their book through me and my company. The process is extremely time consuming and demanding but I find it is a necessary ‘burden’ in order to make it painless for the author so they can focus on the achievement not the bereavement. Their words are now out there on their own, no longer protected from universal intrusion and judgment; they must have weight and merit and stand on their own little wordy feet.

To be able to accept this responsibility makes a big impact on the experience for the author, and as a writer I can relate to the elation, the trepidation, the glow of pride… that comes with taking that step to getting your book published. Sure, there are millions of them out there and there will be millions more, but none are as special as the ones to which we have a personal connection.

So, dear horoscope, big astrological predictor and guide provider of unpredictable behavior – yes, my courage may be strapped to the height of my dreams but I remember my limits, most of the time… When standing at the edge of that precipice, and the darkness below overshadows the glow from the bright stars of achievement and blocks out the golden aura of challenge – I realize the limit. At that point, when the blackness starts to engulf me and I think ‘omg, what am I doing?’ – I have a mini melt down, of sorts, and it really doesn’t last long as I retreat for a night, recoup my forces and move ahead just as determined as before to make it all work.

Limits? Yes, I guess I have them in me somewhere but when it comes to fulfilling promises and writing… there are no limits I won’t test.  


One thought on “Limits? Show me the sign…

  1. Your dedication, limitless support & encouragement for other writers is what makes you the incredible person you are. It is evident in all you do for those privileged enough to know you – and those who have that honor to come.
    I only pray you will find some relaxation on occasion!

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