Quiet Stories

Anderson Cooper, well-known foreign correspondent and award-winning news reporter, on a recent promotion for his new show, expressed that his directive is that everyone has a voice to be heard. He passionately admits that everyone hears those stories that are proclaimed the loudest and repeated often. But what of the others? He wants to give those who might not have a chance to tell their story the outlet to do so.

I commend Mr. Cooper for his compassionate views of people and the world around him. He truly exemplifies a humanitarian who cares about the little guy, the underdog, the reserved or those less boisterous in their proclamations. Everyone deserves to be heard especially if they don’t have the courage or ability to speak up or they doubt the strength of their words or that others would even listen.

In my opinion, many silent stories or soft-spoken or whispered words have a more profound effect than those released with raised voice. Sure, you hear those that are loud but do you really want to listen or understand them when they are a blatant shout or pushed repeatedly in your face. Human reaction will be, for the most part, to shy away and ignore that which becomes an annoyance or intrusion.

For the quietly told story we must lean in and listen, intently, so we don’t miss a word. This concentration leads to a connection to the words and to the story and the person telling the story. This gentle human quality connects with a greater universality and breeds familiarity. I believe it is more powerful than the methods that call boisterous demanding attention to you and your story, or attempt to prompt agreement through peer pressure or coercion.

I believe in my words and my own story yet do not force them upon anyone. I invite you to read and to choose to continue to follow and read my written work; I do not expect rejection or acceptance because they are made available in a positive manner to create a connection with others who feel similarly. You do not have to agreed but in the same token of reciprocity, I have that same allowance. There are those so loudly proclaimed that we begin to filter them out because we also have that choice.

Like Anderson, I believe there are quiet stories that will never be heard unless we take the time to listen.



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