Conference table musings

There’s a blog in there trying to work its way out of me – you’d think it would be painful by now, having been lodged in deep, wedged sideways unable to squeeze itself out for sometime. Not for lack of trying, idea or want. It is more a time and focus issue that pulls me from the modern journal. I am forever making notes, writing hither and thither, tending to my craft like a gardener hoeing fresh soil to plant seeds – and I know nothing about gardening! And not everything I come across is blog worthy, at least in my books; so I move on.

At present, I am sitting at my display table in the Market Place component of Get Publishing’s 2011 Conference, the Edge of Print. It draws writer, editor, publisher and like-organizations together at the Grant MacEwan, downtown campus. In between the allotted speakers, there is an influx of new and seasoned writers/authors eager to collect new information on the old ways of promoting and producing their chosen craft.

Promotion and distribution is a hot topic, and yet others are just happy to connect with someone local, having already parted with their hard-earned dollars, elsewhere. The global aspects of the Internet and the universal awareness of any industry is not a negative thing, but the need to share your money with another country, evidences the lack of local outlets right here in Alberta. We all know the hit the publishing industry took a couple of years back with big houses either closing or moving away.

I would never discourage someone, outright, from investing in such a manner but I would ask them, firstly, why are you publishing? If you desire fame and fortune, perhaps, then it is best to explore and invest in this larger market. You could also experience the traditional route of “wait and see” with the big publishing houses by sending off your manuscript baby into the big world, anxiously awaiting word of its arrival, acceptance and future.

Sitting here – I think today’s sales are not what I’d have hoped for – but in return, I would also ask myself, why am I here? I do not only come to promote my company, I also promote the authors who have entrusted their work to me, speaking highly and lovingly of their words and stories. So, I love to sell their books in whatever way I can. But it is also about exposure for Dream Write Publishing, and so far, I have not be shorted in this area. The interest in my program has been phenomenal and there is no end to the projects on the horizon, near and far.

It is my desire to move into this realm full-time, publishing and promoting the written word. Books will never be a thing of the past. Perhaps, we can be reserved in our quantities but we cannot limit future generations from the literary wealth we have experienced. There are so many stories to share – fact or fiction – and everyone’s story deserves a chance to live.


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