Shaken, Not Stirred…

Competition is good for production especially when you are constantly searching for time and ways to keep up and stay ahead. Focusing on one particular task can often be a difficult endeavour when that isolated feat is not constantly promoted to number one place of importance on your list of things to do. On a universal level, the task I speak of is not one of life threatening proportions – at least, in the way we usually associate with its general meaning of life or death. Globally, the task I speak of will hardly change the world or make a difference in someone’s life, except my own. The task I speak of will not vanish if I don’t undertake its implementation at any given time – hour or day defined. But, add the sweet spice of competitiveness and ongoing encouragement to your already burgeoning passion, and you have the ingredients of a volatile mix, ready to explode at any given moment, if shaken.

I can hold it back, working contentedly and determinedly at all the things that need to be done. Do not be fooled, however, for all the while my thoughts constantly swirl about the words I want to write, the projects I need to finish, and the ideas that need to be birthed. True – holding on to them is not conducive to productivity, but, it is healthy for their creative growth – they will spring forth with such fullness, falling splat into neat rows of planned paragraphing that even I won’t be able to explain their development. It just happened – I will surmise and secretly thank the one who looks out for me as I meander through my writing life, doing this and that and the other thing. The string that binds us does not break and intermittently, my muse, pulls me back and buries my nose into the paper before me, commanding I write… for if I don’t I will lose the momentum and although my commitment to others is strong – so must be the commitment to myself.

Dear Muse: I promise to focus on my words – more. I promise to send a submission out each month in an effort to increase my publication portfolio; then and only then, can I claim to be in a complete position to council others along their journey. See? My dear guardian – therein lies my ink splattered shared upon this page and, instead of feeling drained, I feel invigorated. We will pretend it’s spring and cultivate new crops of words – I promise – for I am shaken, not just stirred into action.


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