Words – My Love

It seems only fitting on this cherished day of cupids and cherubs and chocolate kisses, to write about the emotion emblazoned on everyone’s deepest desire – love. And even if we don’t have that special someone to write kissy love poems to some of us realize that we have one true love as a writer and that is … words. With words we spill our reddest ink, share our darkest hours, explain our deepest thoughts, and like draining a wound of pus, some of our demons are purged with the use of words. So, too, are the declarations of forever and always imprisoned – permanent promises are penned on this day “to my love” “with all my love” “eternally yours.”

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the hearts, the chocolates, the roses, the wine –  a song, a whisper, a kiss, a rhyme… Desperation wrapped in parchment, left on the doorsteps of our heart.

If you are going to write about the good and those warm fuzzy feelings that accompany love, you may have to balance it at one time or another by writing about the tearful fears of being alone or without or of being a part of someone’s past. Those are the lessons of the heart, in truth, in life.

Words are my passion and they seem to be the only love to never have left me, judged me, forsaken me for some other love. They are mine and I give them freely so that they may be given back to me in some form, in some way, and at some time. Like my heart.

Here’s an older poem to share on this day, from “Heartsong”:

A Kiss So Fine

Don’t give me a gift that money buys

To hold me close… engenders sighs.

Don’t give me your heart ~ intangible fire…

so when you are gone I am consumed with desire.

Just give me sweet, oh, such sweet bliss.

A kiss so sweet ~ one that I’ll miss.

Touch lips to mine – my knees are weak.

My heart decides to skip a beat.

Just give me sweet, oh, such sweet bliss.

Treat my to your honey-sweet kiss.

Shivered heat recalled – the moment mine.

Memories linger – you’re gone – I’m fine.

(c) Linda J. Pedley 2005


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