Never Ending Stories

As it drags into the final hours of the day, the final day of my holiday time off, I can’t help but reflect on last year and all that was “write” even though thoughts of “all that is still left unwritten” ring in my head like the bells of Auld Lang Syne. With the wine drained and the mistletoe packed away, one can now focus on the writing journey ahead (or the next bottle of wine…)

For this writer, 2010 was a year that produced some very high highs and some very low lows. Not everything pertained to writing and it is sometimes very difficult to separate the writing life from life in general – they both have such an effect on one another. Despite all, I would have to say for things “write” it turned out as best it could in some areas and most wonderfully in others.

Committed to Blogs: January 2010 propelled me out of the blogging gate with a promise to post as many as I could during that first month to my word press blog – I posted 24 and it proved to be my best month with a total of 137 blogs posted by the end of the year (an average of 11/month). This number only considers those posted here but I also blog many stories and writing prompts on the internal section of our writer’s group member blog. It also does not include original material that I might have posted to my own web site or that I posted on a new blog I started on March 30 at Blogspot called Diet: Just Do It. I changed the title midpoint through the year from Diet: Just Do It or Die because of the negativity the title expressed. I was trying really hard to be positive in using my words to relate the progress of my “challenge” and therefore I was also trying to produce encouragement – to myself. I managed an additional 49 posts to this blog, including a review on a health guide published by Vibrant Nation. During 2010, I was also asked to be a guest blogger on Vibrant Nation, a 50+ international site for women – there I can re-post any work I publish here and also post original work, if I so choose.The re-posting is a wonderful way to spread my words and create an awareness or connection. During the summer I incorporated a publishing company and that meant another blog to post to – this time on the business of taking others words and dreams to a published end.

Included in Books: The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC) compiled a book of writing prompts and challenges intermingled with original artwork and writing samples         submitted by 17 members of the WFSC. As one of these members, I had several pieces of writing published as well as several illustrations including the cover art. Writing Prompt Journey – The Road to Your Creativity expresses what any writer wants to portray – passion, imagination, creativity, and a love for the written word. In the book Christmas Chaos, released in the fall, one of my short stories was accepted as a submission to be published as one of twenty-five original short stories to do with “Christmas gone awry.”

Expressed on the Web: I was asked to write three stories (two published on line in 2010) for an artist’s web site – the pieces were posted on the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. I contributed content for approximately 10 web sites in this past year and ‘keeping up with the Jones’ on the social media sites, faces, pages and tweet decks made for a huge on-line presence, whether or not they know it’s all me – I’ll never know. I read a funny tweet tonight that made me stop and think “writing is 3% talent and 97% avoiding the temptations of the Internet…” Sometimes you just can’t get around it, though 🙂

Prompted on Saturdays: Creativity is abound on our writer’s web site – just read the blog posts in response to the prompts posted every Saturday. The book mentioned above used posts from the web site to establish the content and submissions for the current book. I find that prompts do everything from creating panic to creating potential. I have used prompts to create a continuing story, as have others, and it is even more challenging to ensure you don’t just use anything and everything – forcing it to fit does not always produce a desired effect, even if it “completes” the task. It is amazing to see the differences in each post even though they are inspired by the same words, phrase or idea.

Living the Writing Life: As I said before, all else in life goes on around you, and you can be propelled by it, controlled by it, or driven by it – it is all inspiration, if you allow it to be. Stay focused on your goals. If you make writing an important part of your life it will propel, control and drive you because passion does that. The time ahead comes to us as we move forward and what we do to get there is our choice – we can do lots or we can do nothing – it does not matter for it waits for no one. It is the writer who puts down pen instead of words who falters.


One thought on “Never Ending Stories

  1. I love this line – writing is 3% talent and 97% avoiding the temptations of the Internet – it is so very true!
    I am in awe of your writing & determination in all your ‘writing’ life. You are the beacon I turn to when I falter.
    May 2011 be an excellent year for health, wealth & your writing muse.

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