Ushering in the New Year

Timing is everything – as I write this post it just slips past the midnight hour into the last day of 2010. Nostalgia creeping in? I think not, as I do not dwell upon the past nor let things distress me or contain me. There is a whole new world ahead of us and with the ringing of the bells in 24 hours time, we have a whole new year ahead of us, too. It is with energy and assumption that most of us approach the passing of that marker for in the thought that newness brings is the feeling of spirit and rejuvenation, of chance and choice, of hope and happenstance.

For many, the leap into the New Year takes with it promises to do better and to make change, for with this leap comes resolve with intent to make the next 12 months, better than the last. Most will not make it past the first month with their tattered promises in tow, but that does not make the contract struck upon the midnight hour any less important. There is valor in the attempts. I will not make my resolutions here, for I still have 24 hours of 2010 to achieve, to complete, to do, to see, to be, to have, or to discard, as I see fit. Many things can happen within the last hours, so as I spend my time down to the last-minute, I resolve to enjoy what is left in a “write” way and will not usher in a rushed New Year.


2 thoughts on “Ushering in the New Year

  1. Really nice reminder to ‘live in the moment’. I like your approach! And the thought that we still have time to do something meaningful before we reach the marker of a new year is a wonderful splash of hope. (look at me…I’m writing! Amazing things can happen when you start to teach a dog the ‘long down’. lol)

  2. There is a slight panic to achieve that one last thing in the last throes of a year. You are right in saying we should strive to live in the moment. With luck (& a following wind!) maybe 2011 will be all we want and need.

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