Poetry – Traditional

There are so many forms and variations in poetry and verse that to write one means you have only broken the surface of creativity. Techniques combine with this creative force to display story and rhyme in ways so different to number as many as there are poets. I like to try them all.

Secret Love (Sonnet III)

A secret lover cloaked in midnight veil

Despite her years and what she’s come to know

Slips silent to his bed where dreams prevail

Driven like the April spring-tide snow.

Two lay as one, all other worlds stand still

The future but a heartbeat’s breath away

Moments lost in moments of free will

Done deeds and promise left to yesterday.

That which affects her deep infects as ill

And in her mind she knows the story wrong

Yet that which blinds her eye a curing pill

Heeding naught, save words to lover’s song.

So, if a plea to judge she were to ask –

Put not logic – but a longing heart to task.

(Linda J. Pedley 09/01/08)


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