Poetry – Free Verse

I was long in my delay to experiment with free verse poetry for I was convinced that true poetry was of the old style rhyming da da da, da da da, da da 🙂 and I still love the work that flows with the song of the rhyme. I did, however, and still do – experiment with all styles including free verse where you rely on internal rhyme and the sound of the words to tie them all together.


Your coarse words scratch…

like nails on the blackboard in my mind

cloudy from the dust of promises through time.

Erased and rewritten

so often

they barely peek through

the haze

of yesterday’s

rubbed out memories.

Tomorrow’s plans…

wrinkled now, crumpled in a ball

in the corner of my mind

furthest from the light

where I am afraid they will just fade away.

There in the darkness I stay, too –

alone again

still wanting you

though needing more than ever…

time to recover myself.

For I am…

crumpled in a pile at your feet

begging to be put out

… with the rest of your garbage.

(Linda J. Pedley, ’08)


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